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The first volume of Star Trek: The Cartoon Series contains four chapters (nineteen were planned) acted out between 19 August and 16 December 2007.

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The volume starts with the USS Stargazer being accused by the Klingon Empire of violating their peace treaty. Captain Harry is reassigned and Jean-Luc Picard takes his place as captain of the Stargazer.[1] The Stargazer later receives several new crewmen,[2] and one of the Stargazer's lower ranking officers, Big Jack begins to feel that nobody cares about him.[3] Picard, recognizing Big Jack's abilities, later assigns him to the armory.[4]

Undeveloped chapters Edit

In chapters that were never acted out, Big Jack has qualms about going to Starfleet Academy,[5] the Stargazer's crew is stranded on a mysterious planet,[6] Picard goes on shore leave,[7], Commander Chief, the Stargazer's chief engineer, is reassigned to the USS Titan,[8] the Stargazer recruits a new crewman, Lieutenant Commander Sukel,[9] and Captains Picard and Harry reunite to defeat two Klingon Birds-of-Prey.[10]

Chapters Edit

# Title Stardate Acted
1 "Violations, Part I" 33108.3 19 August 2007
The Klingons accuse the USS Stargazer of violating the peace treaty.
2 "Violations, Part II" 33108.3 19 August 2007
The USS Stargazer gets some new crew members.
3 "There's No School Like the Old School" 33297.5 2007 (planned only)
Big Jack doesn't want to go to the Academy.
4 "Alone" 33165.0 20 August 2007
Big Jack thinks no one cares about him.
5 "Escape!" 33351.6 2007 (planned only)
The crew is stranded on a mysterious planet.
6 "Shore Leave" 33472 2007 (planned only)
The captain goes on shore leave.
7 "Chief" 33516.8 2007 (planned only)
Commander Chief is assigned to the USS Titan.
8 "The Armory" 33264.9 16 December 2007
Big Jack is assigned to the armory.
9 "A Testing Time, Part I" Unknown 2007 (planned only)
10 "A Testing Time, Part II" Unknown 2007 (planned only)
11 "The Darkest Hour" 33552.1 2007 (planned only)
Lieutenant Commander Sukel comes aboard.
12 "Preemptive Strike, Part I" 33798.4 2007 (planned only)
Together, the captains Harry and Picard fight off two Klingon Birds-of-Prey.
13 "Preemptive Strike, Part II" Unknown 2007 (planned only)
14 No title 33932.2 2007 (planned only)
15 No title 33885.6 2007 (planned only)
16 No title 34011.7 2007 (planned only)
17 No title Unknown 2007 (planned only)
18 No title Unknown 2007 (planned only)
19 No title Unknown 2007 (planned only)

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  • Of the nineteen chapters that were planned for this volume, only thirteen were named and four acted out. A second volume was planned, but never made it past the early development stage.
  • The document CaptFredricks had that listed all of the characters in Star Trek: The Cartoon Series was lost, so only characters mentioned in the chapter summaries are listed here.

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