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T'Pela was a female Vulcan who lived during the 25th century. She served as aide-de-camp to Ambassador Sokketh in 2409.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

T'Pela was serving as aide-de-camp to Ambassador Sokketh as of stardate 83189.1.

She greeted the crew of the USS Leviathan when they arrived at Vulcan to escort the ambassador to P'Jem. She informed them of Sokketh's desire to travel from the planet's surface to the Leviathan via shuttlecraft and not via transporter; Jason Fredricks agreed to the conditions and took a shuttle down to the planet.

T'Pela met Jason and Ernie Hauser once they arrived, and she conversed with Ernie while Jason and Sokketh spoke privately. She remained on Vulcan rather than joining the ambassador.[1]

She later contacted the Leviathan to report that the corpse of the real Sokketh had been discovered on Vulcan. The other Sokketh turned out to be an Undine impostor.[2]

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