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T'Mir was a female Romulan sub-commander who served in Starfleet during the 25th century as first officer of the USS Enterprise-F under the command of Captain Kelly Martin.[1]

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Before she joined Starfleet, T'Mir rose through the ranks to become a Subcommander in the Romulan fleet. She graduated third from her class at the Academy and received numerous commendations for wartime service. She was picked for the program for her fine record and also because she exemplifies the character of a Romulan officer. Talora received a commission as Commander and was the first Romulan officer to attain such a high rank in Starfleet.

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As first officer to Captain Kelly Martin, she has shown herself to be capable and adaptable. Although she originally met much resistance among the crew - particularly Jennifer Quinlan - she began to adapt. Commander T'Mir instantly picked up on the finer points of Starfleet, successfully representing her new captain at a hearing on stardate 78080.4. She has also demonstrated loyalty to Cross when she aided him in negotiations with Romulans over several disputed worlds. When she and Quinlan were trapped on a pirate shuttle some months later, the two began to form a working, if still antagonistic, relationship. Commander Talora has done the same with other crew, and may inspire some loyalty herself. Finally, she has begun to recognize the core of Starfleet officers, strong character; even her antagonist and tormentor Jennifer Quinlan was awarded a promotion to chief conn officer.

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Commander T'Mir is the latest of at least a dozen Romulan officers to go into an officer exchange program with Starfleet. She has come in with some doubts about the professionalism of Starfleet officers but with commendable curiosity and alacrity. Commander T'Mir has formed a few friendships among the crew, including one with Doctor Clarkson. She and Captain Martin are forming a strong working relationship, although she must often remind her of her greater responsibilities when personal issues take hold. However, her cold nature and intense professional attitude inhibit most closer bonds; for example, she and the often-rebellious Lieutenant Nicolas Smith have agreed to dislike each other and keep it at that.

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