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"Stop the Signal" is the sixth chapter of Star Trek: Federation Legacy, written in October 2013 and published on 6 November 2013. It is authored by CaptFredricks.

While visiting his nephew, Lucas, on the USS Leviathan, Remus Wells is accused of selling Federation weapons to the Klingon Empire.



Several officers are in the mess hall on the USS Leviathan, celebrating Jason Fredricks' birthday. Lucas Wells asks Fredricks how old he is, stating that his hair has begun to go grey. Fredricks reminds Wells that he is two months older than Fredricks. Wells insists that regardless, he is the better looking one. Fredricks then states that he is certainly the more humble of the two.

Charlie Morgan contacts them from the bridge saying that a cargo freighter, the SS Rome, has contacted them and its captain claims to be a relative of Wells. Fredricks tells Morgan to inform the captain he has permission to beam over to the Leviathan. Fredricks asks Wells if this captain is the uncle that he knows very little about, which Wells confirms. Fredricks and Tala Jones head for the transporter room, but Wells tells them he will meet them there after he gets something.

Fredricks and Jones enter the transporter room, finding that Wells has not arrived yet. Jones wonders where Wells could be. The transporter chief informs them that Wells' uncle is ready to transport over.

Act I: Remus[]

Captain's log, stardate 83209.6. We have rendezvoused with the SS Rome and taken aboard a most interesting passenger, none other than Mr. Wells' uncle. From what I already know about his family, this is not a day I will soon forget.

Act II: Listening Post[]

Act III: Undine[]



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Background and trivia[]

  • This chapter is an adaptation of the Star Trek Online mission "Stop the Signal".
  • It received an extensive revision in October 2015. Changes include:
    • The opening scene featuring Jason's birthday party was added, and the following scene was heavily altered.
    • Elisa took the place of an unnamed, male tactical officer.
  • CaptFredricks has revised this chapter's stardate twice in order to space out the early chapters more than they originally were. Its first stardate was 83198.6 (11 February 2409), and its second was 83208.6 (15 February 2409).

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