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Starship Enterprise is a fan series by Dragonboy546 in development since September 2013. It is based around the adventures of the USS Enterprise crew under the command of Captain Marcia Taylor.


The Federation is enjoying peace time after the Earth-Romulan War, the expansion of the Federation is going well for the government but After first contact with the Klingon Empire in 2151, Starfleet Command is worried that Empire will start a war with the Federation that may happen, and its up to the crew of the USS Enterprise to make sure that the Federation is defended well and that no Klingon warships invade.


  • Seasons 1-2
  • Captain Marcia Taylor voice over: Space the final frontier these are the voyages of the starship USS Enterprise it's five year mission to explore strange new worlds to seek out new life and new civilizations to boldly go where no man has gone before.
  • Seasons 3-4
  • Captain John Branson voice over: Space the final frontier these are the voyages of the starship USS Enterprise it's five year mission to explore strange new worlds to seek out new life and new civilizations to boldly go where no man has gone before.


Character Actor(s) Rank Position
Marcia Taylor Ashley M. Kalfas Captain Commanding officer of USS Enterprise
John Branson Jarvis Davidson Commander Executive officer, USS Enterprise
Anna Clarkson TBA Commander Executive officer, USS Enterprise
Daniel Mitchell TBA Lieutenant Navigation officer, USS Enterprise
Kara Carlson Delena Lusk Ensign,
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Conn officer, USS Enterprise
Julia Smith Sadie Brickhouse Lieutenant Communications officer, USS Enterprise
Kyle Clarkson Jeremy Reagan Lieutenant Commander Chief engineer, USS Enterprise
Jack Mason Kevin Reagan Lieutenant Tactical officer/Security chief, USS Enterprise
T'Lar Becky Elliot Lieutenant Commander Chief science officer, USS Enterprise
Steve Carlson Jacob Elliot Lieutenant Commander Chief medical officer, USS Enterprise

Recurring Characters[]

Character Actor(s) Rank Position
James Branson TBA Commodore Commanding officer USS Venture
Katrina Cornwell TBA Vice Admiral Commanding Officer, USS Farragut
Maria Branson TBA Fleet Admiral Commanding officer, USS Century
Brett Anderson TBA Admiral Commanding officer, USS Europa
Ronald Tucker TBA Rear Admiral Commanding Officer, Starbase 11


Image # Title Stardate Aired
1 "Andorian Incident" 5636.3 2020


Season 1[]

Main article: ENT Season 1
Image # Title Earth Date Aired
USS Enterprise in Spacedock.jpg 1 "Shakedown Cruise" 2254 16 March 2019
Commander Marcia Taylor gets promoted to Captain of a ship, the USS Enterprise, and her former high school friend, Commander John Branson, is assigned as her first officer while on a shakedown cruise the Enterprise comes to Epsilon II and its research station when they encounter a Klingon warbird.
2 "Command Performance" 2254 5 June 2020
While investigating a interstellar nebula, the Enterprise is struck by a cloaked mine, taking heavy damage from it with Captain Taylor. It's up to Commander John Branson to take command and get the ship and crew to safety, but when a Klingon D-6 battle cruiser shows up it's up to Branson's wit and determination to get his crewmates to safety!
3 "Quarantine" 2254 7 June 2020
After responding to a distress call from a Federation frigate, Commander Branson is infected by the radiation and is in need of medical attention. While treating him, Doctor Carlson figures out a cure but then they're under attack by a pair of Klingon D7 class battle cruisers forcing the Enterprise to hide in a class-J nebula. Doctor Carlson demands that Taylor disengages the tractor beam and leaves the Peterson behind but she refuses and Doctor Carlson must work hard to cure Commander Branson.
4 "The Storm" 2254 8 June 2020
While at an M-class planet the Enterprise encounters a dangerous neutronic storm, and the ship must traverse the storm but when the neutronic particles get into the ship causing issues the ship must get out of it.
5 "The Girl Who Cried Wolf" 2254 9 June 2020
While on course for Archanis IV the USS Enterprise receives a distress call from an EPIRB and, upon investigation, finds a young female who claims she has been attacked by pirates and forced from her yacht. They find that she is Claire Watts, who is trying to navigate around the Federation-Orion border, raising money for charity. Later, Enterprise finds her yacht, Claire de Lune, and are able to reunite Clare with it to continue her voyage. Lieutenant Smith becomes suspicious when Claire de Lune is not damaged but puts aside her concerns. A short time later, Enterprise receives another mayday, and they are called up to rescue Claire again, but this time find Claire de Lune has been ransacked. Despite this Claire asks to be returned to continue her voyage. The Enterprise manages to track down the pirates and attempt an interception, but they are forced to meet up with the USS Nightingale when members of the crew start to suddenly fall ill with severe food poisoning can the crew get back to work or will they keep getting the girl who cries wolf calls!
6 "Lost Sheep" 2254 10 June 2020
While on course to Starbase 25 for some R&R the Enterprise, the crew encounters a shuttle from the Klingon mining world of Praxis as they discover that it was flown by Lieutenant Commander Kyle Clarkson former friend of Commander John Branson.
7 "Survivors" 2254 12 June 2020
There is an explosion in one of the cargo bays days before the president is to visit the USS Enterprise. A dying man implicates Branson, which is just what the head of presidential security wants to hear, as she blames him for her father's death.
8 "Into the Fold" 2254 2020
While heading towards the pleasure planet Risa Steven Carlson and T'Lar are forced to make an emergency landing on a Class-L planetoid, with the weather dropping each time can the crew of the USS Enterprise save Steven and T'Lar or will they freeze to death.
9 "Silentium Est Aurem" 2254 2020
After a exploration mission the Enterprise has docked at Starbase Five where Kyle Clarkson is being treated for being subjected to a Klingon Mind Shifter, and people from the unknown organization in the Federation known as Section 31 are here to take Kyle and keep him silent at all cost but its up to Commander Branson and his friends to keep Kyle out of their hands.
10 "Firestorm" 2254 2020
While trying to escape a plasma storm a crewmen dies forcing Captain Taylor to determine if she's fit to command the Enterprise, in the meantime John gets word that Kyle has escaped from Starfleet Medical and is on the run for some unknown reason can John get to his friend in time or will Kyle be in the hands of Section 31!
11 "New Dimensions" 2254 2020
While on course for Starbase 138 the Enterprise is crippled by spatial anomaly, meanwhile Commander Branson is determine to prove his friend's innocents when the power core blew up the Andorian colony but when sensors detected a cargo vessel with Romulan disruptor rifles and pistols Kyle comes up with a plan to go into the anomaly to hide but when the warp field begins to fail its up to both John and Kyle to get the ship out before the crew is killed!
12 "Mad Idolatry" 2254 2020
The Prime Directive becomes an issue for the captain and crew of the USS Enterprise encounters a Vulcan colony and Captain Taylor must decide whether or not to help them return to their people. Meanwhile, chief communications officer Julia Smith receives word that her father has passed away due to Denobulan brain fever.
13 "Dictum Factum, Part 1" 2254 2020
While the Enterprise is docked at Earth Spacedock for repairs and refitting Vice Admiral Anne Cambridge has asked Kyle Clarkson to meet her and Captain Jonathan von Borne at Starfleet Command to discuss the issue of having his career restored to some degree.

Season 2[]

Main article: ENT Season 2
Image # Title Earth Date Aired
1 "Dictum Factum, Part 2" 2255 2020
After learning that Kyle was taken by Section 31 Commander Branson and the crew of the Enterprise embarked on a rescue mission, but after learning that he escaped John takes the Enterprise to the Arcamon Science Station can John and the Enterprise make it there or will Kyle be lost forever!
2 "The Nebula" 2255 2020
The Enterprise picks up a faint distress call coming from the vicinity of a nebula and proceeds to investigate.
3 "Takedown" 2255 2020
Cadet Tina Branson is visiting her father onboard the Enterprise for summer vacation from Starfleet Academy, the Enterprise answers a distress call from a civilian transport vessel under attack by a Klingon battle cruiser. After the crew fought it off they take the wounded onboard till the three survivors take Captain Taylor and Tina hostage and one of them is a former Starfleet Officer who was refused command of the Enterprise and demands that Commander Branson takes them to the Klingon homeworld so they can destroy the Klingon once and for all and end the threat of them attacking at all the Klingon border or risk deaths!
4 "Behind Enemy Lines" 2255 2020
After the USS Enterprise crew defeats a Klingon attack on a brand-new colony, Starfleet Command sends John and Kyle on a dangerous undercover mission to infiltrate a Romulan ship and obtain tactical information on a brand new warship being built behind to destroy the Coalition of Planets can they find away to get the data, but when they discover that their also building a neutron torpedo it's now a plan to stop them but can they do it without getting caught?
5 "A Problem of Titan Proportions" 2255 2020
The USS Enterprise proceeds to a rendezvous near the Neutral Zone under complete communications blackout, after an important passenger and his aide are transported to another ship it then explodes with the apparent loss of all hands. The situation is uncovered as a plot by a major enemy of the Federation to steal a starship and its technology!
6 "Birds" 2255 2020
The Enterprise crew is joined by someone from Starfleet Intelligence Campbell Fulton, and he accompanies them when they board a FFV that's estivating a small asteroid in the Marian Trench. The boarding appears to be mostly standard until they make a grisly discovery; one of the miners has been locked inside a barrel, and dies shortly after discovery.

Back on the Enterprise Commander Fulton has taken a liking to Julia, but so far she has been brushing off his advances, so when he overhears her talking with Lieutenant Mitchell he sees an opportunity to use the information about their relationship to his own advantage.

Later in her cabin, he tries to kiss her but when she pushes him away and threatens to report him, he uses her relationship with Lieutenant Mitchell as a threat to keep her mouth shut, and forces himself onto her. She manages to fight him off, but knowing she has to keep her feelings for Daniel secret she can’t tell anyone what he has done.

Back on the FFV, Carlson warns that the dead fisherman could be the result of bird-flu, so Daniel is none too happy about being assigned to sail the Cargo to port especially when Campbell Fulton is assigned with him. When a fight breaks out on the FFV between Fulton and Daniel that results in Daniel becoming trapped below deck the crew are forced to overcome their worries about the bird flu and help their friend.

With Daniel trapped and life-support is failing as air is being sucked out through a breach in the hull when the vessel struck a small rock, Doctor Carlson and the Captain Taylor fear they may need to resort to drastic measures to free him before he dies from exposure to Space.

As the rescue becomes desperate it becomes obvious to everyone that Julia has feelings for Daniel beyond that of just friends, and she has no choice but to tell Commander Branson the truth about the attack by Campbell Fulton.

7 "Upgrades" 2255 2020
The USS Enterprise is under going refit, but a saboteur is on the loose!
8 "Shadow Line" 2255 2020
9 "Hidden Agendas" 2255 2020
While docked at Starbase 4 the crew are enjoying much needed shore leave but when Commander Branson
10 "Out of Mind" 2255 2020
While on shore leave a dying Andorian male finds Kyle and sends out a psychic attack. While Doctor Carlson is trying to treat him they discover that the only hope for him is Lieutenant Commander T'Lar can save him by doing a Vulcan mind meld. But she's hesitate to do it because Vulcan mind melds are very, very intimate can Commander Branson convince her to do before Kyle dies!
11 "When Willows Weep" 2255 2020

Season 3[]


Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
USS Enterprise in Spacedock.jpg "Deployment" 3x01 2020 Humans, Klingons Klingons
The Federation is now at war with the Klingons and a lot has changed onboard the Enterprise the promotion of John Branson to the rank of Captain, the promotion of Marcia Taylor to the rank of Commodore.
Battle of Caernarvon IV 3x02 2018 Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites, Klingons Klingons
[ In the Line of Duty 3x03 2020 Humans Klingons
While on a routine patrol John gets word that his father was killed while defending a starbase from a Klingon attack he has to go and find out for himself before he can mourn the lost of his father, but when life-signs are discovered onboard his father's flagship the USS Venture. But when the Klingons are on approach the crew demands answers from Vice Admiral Branson can the crew figure out what's going on or will they be destroyed!
"The Invasion of Corvan II" 3x04 2020 Humans, Andorians, Vulcans Klingons
Starfleet Command has dispatched a battlegroup of Federation vessels to Corvan II to keep it from falling to the Klingons, as the fleet awaits the Klingons fleet they pick up the fleet but their outnumbered 2 to 1 like what happened to the Seventh Battlegroup at the Battle of Archanis at the start of the war. Can they hold on before reinforcements arrive?.
"The Slaughter of Altair IV" 3x05 2020 Andorians, Human, Vulcans Klingons
Moral Actions Part One 3x06 2020 Humans Klingons
Moral Actions Part Two 3x07 2020 Humans, Klingons Klingons
The Enemy 3x08 2020 Humans, Klingons Klingons
The members of the Enterprise landing party was subjected to a Klingon mind-altering weapon on the contested planet Tartarus. Unable to control their innermost fears they begin to turn on each other.
"Rescue Mission" 3x09 2020 Humans Klingons
After hearing that his wife Captain Jessica Smith has been captured by the Klingons Captain Branson has convinced his father Rear Admiral Branson to lead a rescue mission to save her before she's executed by the Klingon Empire.
"Counterstrike" 3x10 2020 Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites Klingons
The Federation and its allies are ready to go on the offensive. The target: Ganalda a stepping stone to Kronos itself. The Enterprise is assigned to lead Ninth battlegroup as they make their way to the Ganalda system they encounter five squadrons of Klingon frigates and the Klingon orbital weapons platforms can the allied fleet achieve victory or will they be taken down.

Season 4[]


Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
"A Day on the Line" 4x01 2018 Humans, Andorians, Vulcans Klingons
While on with the ninth fleet the Enterprise took severe damage from three Klingon D-6 class warships, the Enterprise is heading to a debris field from the brutal battle in the Tyra system hopefully to gain parts for repairs to their main systems.
Court Martial 4x02 2018 Earth Humans
USS Enterprise in Spacedock.jpg No Rest for the Wicked 3x03 2018 Earth Humans
The USS Enterprise returns to Earth for repairs giving the crew a much needed break from the front, Captain Branson soon finds himself encountering a former rival from the Academy the chief designer of the Constitution Lieutenant Commander Tyson.
Politics 4x04 2018 Earth Humans
Invasion of Sector 345 4x05 2018 Humans, Tellarites, Vulcans Klingons
The crew of the USS Enterprise has been ordered to meet up with a fleet of 12 Shepard-class vessels, 15 Nimitz-class vessels, 14 Magee-class vessels and at least 3 Suurok-class combat cruisers, but when the enemy shows up with a much larger force then they thought this will be a tough battle for the crew of the Enterprise and their allies!
"Semper Fidelis" 4x06 2020 Humans Klingons
After being reassigned to Colonel Dave Tiki's Marine unit Lieutenant Mason is having trouble adjusting to his way of thinking during an engagement against a squad of Klingon soldiers the Marine unit retreat into the Forward Operation Base and call for back up can they hold out until General Talsa and her men arrive or will they be apart of the KIA list on the causality list?
"Be All My Sins Remember'd 4x07 2020 Humans, Vulcans, Andorians Klingons
Starfleet Command has dispatched the USS Enterprise to meet up with a Federation battlegroup to attempt a fourth assault on Klingon lines that are in trenched in orbit around Forcus III, but when there coms are jammed its up to the crew of the Enterprise to come up with a plan to combat the enemy.

Season 5[]


Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
"Return to Duty" 5x01 2020 Humans
Following the Federation-Klingon War the Federation Alliance is slowly recovering from the brutal conflict, the crew of the USS Enterprise are having R&R to recover from the fighting.
What's Beneath the Raptor's Wing 5x02 2020 Humans, Romulans Romulans

Season 6[]


Season 7[]



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