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Starfleet ranks were identifying titles given to individuals serving in Starfleet.

Enlisted ranks Edit

Crewman Edit

Crewman first class Edit

Notable crewmen first class
Charlie Morgan[1]

Petty officer third class Edit

Petty officer Edit

Chief petty officer Edit

Line officer ranks Edit

Cadet Edit

Cadet was a rank held by individuals undergoing training at Starfleet Academy to become commissioned officers. As such, it did not count as an official rank. Upon graduating from the Academy, cadets would receive an assignment and promotion to the rank of ensign.[2]

Notable cadets
Jason Fredricks[2] – magna cum laude (valedictorian)

Ensign Edit

Ensign was the lowest line officer rank, inferior to lieutenant junior grade. Ensigns often served as support staff for senior personnel, performing duties such as engineer's assistant, security officer, or nurse. However, some ensigns received postings on the bridge as fully-fledged senior staff.

In one extraordinary circumstance, Ensign Jason Fredricks was forced to take command of the USS Leviathan when the position fell to him following the death or capture of all other senior bridge staff by Klingons.[3]

Notable ensigns
Jason Fredricks – tactical officer, USS Leviathan (2408 - 2409)[3]
Lucas Wellsscience officer, USS Leviathan (2409 - )[4]

Lieutenant junior grade Edit

Lieutenant junior grade, often abbreviated lieutenant j.g., was the second-lowest line officer rank, superior to ensign but inferior to full lieutenant.

Notable lieutenants junior grade
Dylyp Azelioperations officer, USS Leviathan (2409 - )
Ernie Hauserflight controller, USS Leviathan (2408 - )

Lieutenant Edit

Lieutenant was the third-lowest line officer rank, superior to lieutenant j.g. but inferior to lieutenant commander. Lieutenants were typically given privileges not afforded to lower ranks, such as handling personnel[5] or completing tasks of medium to high security risk.

Notable lieutenants
Ferrapersonnel officer, Starfleet Academy[5]
Tala Jones – tactical officer, USS Leviathan (2409 - )
Kyla VanZylStarfleet Intelligence[6]

Lieutenant commander Edit

Lieutenant commander was the third-highest line officer rank, superior to lieutenant but inferior to commander.

Notable lieutenant commanders
Geordi La Forge

Commander Edit

Commander was the second-highest line officer rank, superior to lieutenant commander but inferior to captain.

Notable commanders
Ethan Burgess – Starfleet Intelligence[7]

Captain Edit

Captain was the highest line officer rank, superior to commander.

Notable captains
Kathryn Janewaycommanding officer, USS Voyager^[8]
Jean-Luc Picard – commanding officer, USS Enterprise[9]
William T. Riker – commanding officer, USS Titan[10]
Masc Taggart

Flag officer ranks Edit

Commodore Edit

Rear admiral Edit

Vice admiral Edit

Notable vice admirals
Kathryn Janeway

Admiral Edit

Notable admirals
Owen Paris[11]

Fleet admiral Edit

Notable fleet admirals
Jorel QuinnStarfleet Command

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