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Star Trek: Voyager ​is a fan made novel series created by Dragonboy546.

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The year is 2371 and the Federation is enjoying peace time with it's allies the Klingon Empire, and the much exploration that is led by the Federation starship USS Voyager under the command of Captain Brianna Martin.

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  • Kate Beckinsale as Lieutenant Commander Katie Ellis -Chief engineer
  • Taylor Launter as Ensign Eric Mitchell -Chief conn officer
  • Amy Adams as Lieutenant Sarah Adams -Chief operations officer
  • Ben Affleck as Lieutenant Jack Mason -Chief tactical/Security officer
  • Tyrese Gibson as Doctor James Sampson -Chief medical officer

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Season Number of Episodes #
Voyager Season 1 22
Voyager Season 2 20
Voyager Season 3 20
Voyager Season 4 20
Voyager Season 5 20
Voyager Season 6 20
Voyager Season 7 20

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