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Star Trek: The Romulan War is an upcoming series set to be released in 2020.


During the brutal years of the Earth-Romulan War the Coalition of Planets is starting to lost ground and can't seem to get the upper hand on the Romulan forces that are invading.



Also StarringEdit

  • TBA as Lieutenant Commander Stephanie Williams-Chief engineer, female Human (Season One)
  • Kevin Regan as Lieutenant Jack Mason-Chief of security, Tactical officer, male Human
  • Delena Lusk as Ensign Kara Carlson-Chief helm officer, female Human
  • Jeremy Regan as Lieutenant Commander Kyle Clarkson-Chief engineer, male Human (Seasons 2-7)
  • Becky Elliot as Lieutenant Commander T'Lar-Second officer, Chief science officer, female Vulcan
  • Sadie Brickhouse as Lieutenant junior grade Julia Smith-Chief communications officer, female Human
  • Jacob Elliot as Doctor Steven Carlson-Chief medical officer, male Human

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