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Star Trek: The Romulan War is an upcoming fan series set to be released in 2020.


During the brutal years of the Earth-Romulan War the Coalition of Planets is starting to lost ground and can't seem to get the upper hand on the Romulan forces that are invading.





Captain Marcia Taylor Ashley Khalfas Seasons 1-5
Commander John Branson Jarvis Davidson Seasons 1-5
Lieutenant Jack Mason Kevin Regan Seasons 1-5
Ensign Kara Carlson Delena "Dee" Lusk Seasons 1-5
Lieutenant Junior Grade Julia Smith Sadie Brickhouse Seasons 1-5
Lieutenant Commander Stephanie Williams TBA Season 1-5
Doctor Steven Carlson Jacob Elliot Seasons 1-5
Lieutenant Commander T'Lar Becky Elliot Seasons 1-5

Recurring Characters[]

Actor Character
Gary Graham Vulcan Ambassador Soval
Scott Bakula Commodore Jonathan Archer
Jeffery Combs Andorian General Shran
Demi Lovato Captain Brianna Branson
Ian Stenlake Captain Mike "CO" Flynn
John Mahon Vice Admiral Ray Gardner
Jim Beaver Rear Admiral Daniel Leonard


Season One[]


# Title Plot
1 Invasion Part One After the brutal assault on Coridan and the brutal attack on Starbase One in orbit of Berengaria as well as the slaughter of 6,000 innocent people on the surface as well as the destruction of 1 NX-class vessel, 1 Franklin-Class, 1 J-Class freighter, and three fighter shuttles the United Earth Council has declared war against the Romulan Star Empire.
2 Invasion Part Two After hearing about the failed attack in the Algeron System that forced the Vulcan Confederation to pull out of the war, the Archer is assigned to the fifth battlegroup under the command of Vice Admiral James Branson onboard the UEA dreadnought Venture their course is to head to the Unroth system to show the Romulans what happens when you mess with a colony.
3 Training Cruise Gone Wrong While on a training cruise Cadet Tina Branson is with her class on the UEA cruiser Dauntless but when the ship is attacked by a Romulan vessel that causes serve damage to the vessel forcing the ship to head into uncharted space but when an unknown vessel saves them can they survive till someone from Starfleet saves them!
4 Slaughter of Altair IV United Earth Starfleet has dispatched the Alliance fleet to the Altair system to keep it from falling to the Romulan Star Empire, as the fleet awaits the Romulan fleet they pick up the fleet but their outnumbered 2 to 1 like at Algeron can they hold on before reinforcements arrive?



Background Information[]