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Star Trek: The New Generation is a fan series created by Dragonboy546 where the USS Enterprise-E and her crew continue to explore the Alpha Quadrant, under the command of Captain John Branson the USS Enterprise and her crew will seek out new life and new civilizations and fights the Romulan Star Empire continue to help Starfleet comrades when they're needed and meeting a Starfleet crew from the early 24th century.


After the Battle in the Bassen Rift and the death of Lieutenant Commander Data, as well as the departure of Commander William T. Riker and Commander Deanna Troi to the USS Titan, the senior staff of the Enterprise has changed with Jean-Luc Picard's promotion to Commodore and his first officer John Branson being promoted to the rank of Captain. But when another war threatens the Federation its up to the crew of the Enterprise to keep the peace but can they or will the Federation have to fight for its life!





Captain John Branson Jarvis Davidson Seasons 1-7
Commander Zhasa Ivanova TBA TBA
Lieutenant Jack Mason Kevin Regan Seasons 1-7
Ensign Kara Carlson Delena "Dee" Lusk Seasons 1-7
Lieutenant Junior Grade Sito Jaxa Sadie Brickhouse Seasons 1-7
Lieutenant Commander Stephanie Williams TBA TBA
Doctor Steven Carlson Jacob Elliot Seasons 1-7
Lieutenant Commander T'Lar Becky Elliot Seasons 1-7

Recurring CharactersEdit




Vice Admiral James Branson Michael L. King Season 1 - 7
Captain Elizabeth Shelby TBA TBA
Fleet Admiral Maria Branson TBA Season 1 - 7
Captain Brianna Branson TBA Season 1 - 7
Fleet Admiral Alynna Nechayev TBA Season 1 - 7
Lieutenant Colonel Audrey Hunter TBA Season 1 - 7
Commodore Jean-Luc Picard TBA Season 1 - 7
Captain Jessica Smith TBA Season 1 - 7
Cadet Tina Branson TBA Season 1 - 7
Captain Brandon Branson TBA TBA
Lieutenant Sonya Gomez TBA TBA
Lieutenant Commander Sarah Branson TBA TBA
Federation President Danielle Branson TBA TBA
Captain Elizabeth Branson TBA TBA
Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway TBA TBA


Season OneEdit


# Title Plot
1 Return to Duty Newly promoted Captain John Branson comes aboard the USS Enterprise-E to take command from his former commanding officer Commodore Jean-Luc Picard, his first mission is to deliver supplies to the Epsilon II research outpost but when they find that the station is destroyed its up to the crew of the Enterprise to find out what happened.
2 Peace Conference While studying a binary star the Enterprise is ordered to set course for the Benzite system, to mediate a dispute about the control of the Benzite system since the end of the Dominion War. But the Romulans don't want to release their control of the planet nor the system because they deserve it because of the cost of lives that it took to retake the planet can Captain Branson mediate to release Benzar back to the Federation or will it be in the control of the Romulans forever!
3 Under the Radar The Enterprise is escorting a medical convoy through the Witchhead Nebula, while escorting the convoy they encounter a battlegroup of thirty Romulan ships blocking their way can the crew get the convoy to their destination or will the colonists die.
4 Conflict of Interest After the battle at Witchhead the Enterprise is docked at Starbase Narendra when the ship receives a distress call from a Federation ECS freighter under heavy attack by a Romulan warbird, but when a Romulan battlegroup approaches the outpost its figured out that it was a trap can the Enterprise make it back or will the outpost, the battlegroup and Admiral April Herbert perish.
5 Tomorrow and the Stars
6 Romulan Encounter After the Enterprise crew defeats a Romulan attack on a brand-new colony, Starfleet Command sends John and Kyle on a dangerous undercover mission to infiltrate a Romulan ship and obtain tactical information on their Kerchan-class warbirds, can they find away to get the data but when they discover that their also building a neutron torpedo it's now a plan to stop them but can they do it without getting caught?
7 Through the Storm After receiving a distress call from Wiggely IV the Enterprise encounters another Romulan Kerchan-class warbird, and the crew race to rescue children missing in a plasmatic ion storm as they must put a stop to a dangerous situation!
8 Under the Hammer
9 Blackout The crew of the Enterprise must race against time to save the Excelsior-class starship USS Harrison and the engineering team that's on a relay outpost from a supernova after it encountered an massive power surge, John must decide whether to save the crew of the Harrison or the engineering team on the outpost!
10 Alea llacta Est
11 Rescue Me
12 Ex Oblivion
13 Mad Idolatry
14 Silentium Est Aurem
15 Dictum Factum Part One While the USS Enterprise-E is docked at Earth Spacedock for repairs and refitting, Vice Admiral Nakaumra has reviewed Kyle's case and has him chat with Captain Meckel of the USS Constar at Starfleet Command to discuss the issue of having his career restored to some degree, but when Nakamura is murdered and it looks like that Kyle might be framed in the murder can the crew of the Enterprise help Kyle or will he be without his career!

Season TwoEdit


# Title Plot
1 Dictum Factum Part Two TBA
2 The Dogs of War The Enterprise is sent to rescue aid workers during a coup near Federation space of the Samaru Coalition. The interception of a pirate vessel turns into a life threatening pursuit.
3 The Omega Directive Captain Branson is forced to go on a dangerous mission to destroy a dangerous substance that threatens the very fabric of the Federation and all life in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, but to do this he and his crew will have to get by the most dangerous enemy the Federation has ever faced the deadly Borg Collective.
4 Takedown Tina Branson is visiting her father on board the Enterprise for summer vacation from Starfleet Academy, the Enterprise answers a distress call from a civilian transport vessel from striking an old gravitic mine from the Cardassian War. After the crew saved the cargo vessel they take the wounded on board till the three survivors take Commander Ivanova and Tina hostage and one of them is a former Starfleet officer who was refused command of the Enterprise and demands that Captain Branson takes them to the Klingon homeworld so they can destroy the Klingons once and for all and end the threat of them attacking after the war with the Kaylon is over can the crew retake the Triage section or will they have no choice but to destroy an ally who saved them from surrendering to the Dominion/Cardassian Alliance during the brutal Dominion War!.
5 Heaven Born Captains
6 Birds One crew member faces a gruesome operation, while a visitor to the ship learns that blackmail can work both ways.



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