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Star Trek: The Cartoon Series, abbreviated The Cartoon Series, is the first fan fiction story by CaptFredricks, consisting of four chapters within one volume acted out from 19 August to 16 December 2007.

Since Capt never wrote any of the chapters, however, the story itself exists solely in his memory. Because of this, it also does not have a content rating.


TCS takes place in the mid 2350s and covers the events of Jean-Luc Picard's time spent as captain of the USS Stargazer. The story begins with him as first officer under Captain Harry, who leaves for another command. Picard then takes command of the Stargazer, beginning his long and memorable Starfleet career.[a]

Volume 1

Main article: TCS Volume 1

The first volume of TCS contains four chapters (with fifteen others having been planned). The chapters were acted out between 19 August and 16 December 2007. Thirteen of the chapters have titles; the last six remain unnamed.

Volume 2

At least eleven chapters were planned for the second volume, but no titles were ever written. It would appear that CaptFredricks had lost interest in the story by this point.


Background and trivia

  • The Cartoon Series was originally planned for January 2007, but it was later changed to August of that year.
  • At some point, the paper that stored the names of the characters in the story was lost, so only the ones appearing on the paper with the chapter titles are listed on the wiki.

Notes and references

  1. This creates a continuity error, as Picard had been captain of the Stargazer long before the 2350s.


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