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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is a fan series created by Dragonboy546 that tells the missions of the Federation starship USS Enterprise under the command of Captain John Branson as he and his crew explore the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.


The year is 2270, and the USS Enterprise is now under the command of Branson after the promotion of James T. Kirk to the rank of Commodore, the Federation is at war with the Romulan Star Empire. Will the fleet be enough to hold the line or will the Romulans invade and take over the entire Alpha Quadrant and end the Second Earth-Romulan War!


  • Captain John Branson voice over: Space the final frontier these are the voyages of the Starship USS Enterprise it's five year mission to explore strange new worlds to seek out new life and new civilizations to boldly go where no man has gone before.


Character Actor(s) Rank Position
John Branson Jarvis Davidson Capt. Commanding officer, USS Enterprise
Zhasa Ivanova TBA Cmdr. Executive Officer, USS Enterprise
Tyson Mitchell TBA Lt. Navigation officer, USS Enterprise
Kara Carlson Delena Lusk Ens. Chief Conn officer, USS Enterprise
Julia Smith Sadie Brickhouse Ltjg Communications officer, USS Enterprise
Stephanie Williams TBA LtCmdr. 1st Chief Engineer, USS Enterprise
Kyle Clarkson Jeremy Reagan Lt. 2nd Chief engineer, USS Enterprise
Jack Mason Kevin Reagan Lt. Tactical officer/Security chief, USS Enterprise
T'Shar Becky Elliot LtCmdr. Chief science officer, USS Enterprise
Steven Carlson Jacob Elliot LtCmdr. Chief medical officer, USS Enterprise

Recurring characters[]

Character Actor(s) Rank Position
James Branson Michael L. King Rear Adm. Commanding officer USS Venture
Ambassador Sarek TBA N/A Ambassador between the Federation and Vulcan
Marilyn Stark TBA N/A Former Commanding officer of the Enterprise now turned pirate
Elizabeth Branson TBA Capt. Commanding officer, USS Kingston
Sarah Cornwell TBA Vice Adm. Commanding officer,
Maria Branson TBA Fleet Admiral Commanding officer, USS Century
Shawn Owens TBA Comm. Commanding officer, USS Chamberlain and Starbase Six
Ronald Tucker TBA Rear Adm. Commanding officer, Starbase 11
Lance Ramirez TBA Capt. Commanding officer, USS Excalibur
James T. Kirk TBA Vice Adm. Chief of Starfleet Operations, Commanding Officer, USS Hammersley
Brandon Branson TBA Commander First officer, USS Farragut
Brianna Branson TBA Capt. Commanding officer, USS California
Tina Branson TBA Cadet Starfleet Academy


Season 1[]


# Title Plot
1 Welcome Aboard Amid a tumultuous political climate, Captain Marilyn Stark, commander of the USS Enterprise, the most powerful battleship, is removed from command when she almost starts a full-scale war. Starfleet is looking for a new commanding officer for the ship when Vice Admiral James T. Kirk searches for Captain John Branson at Starbase Six he was reluctant to accept, but agrees to visit the Starfleet vessel and inspect it in it's new remodeled state. However, shortly into the remodeled ship's maiden voyage, Branson faces an attack by a renegade ship helmed by the disgraced Captain Stark.
2 Under Fire The USS Enterprise has been ordered to Donset IV to mediate a dispute between the two governments on the planet, they're joined by the USS Nightingale under the command of Captain Jessica Smith. while mediating the situation Captain Branson is severally injured the Enterprise crew find themselves under attack by the two armadas from the factions can Commander Ivanova who is in command rescue her people or will the Enterprise be destroyed!
3 Saladin Rescue While on an exploration mission the Enterprise received a distress call from the Saladin reporting that their under attack by a squadron of Romulan warbirds, can the Enterprise get there in time!
4 Irukandji While boarding a foreign cargo vessel, Captain Branson and Ensign John Jaffah are infected with a strain of Irukandji virus from a extinct Jellyfish Commander Ivanova orders the Enterprise to head towards Starfleet Medical Outpost twenty along the Federation-Romulan Neutral Zone border, but when the Enterprise is forced to take a different route it results in the death of a crewmen.
5 Kitumba Part One A meeting set up by Starfleet sends the USS Enterprise off to the homeworld of the Klingon Empire.
6 Kitumba Part Two After faking their destruction the Enterprise and her crew make it to Qo'noS, Captain Branson and his landing party beams down to speak with the Kitumba but encounters Commander Kargh. After trying to convince the Kitumba that the Federation means no harm but when they are captured and accused of murdering the Kitumba the Enterprise and the Dark Destroyer have to work together to stop an oncoming war as a Federation battlegroup awaits the Klingon forces led by the USS Athena can the crew stop this or will there be another war?
7 Through the Storm After receiving a distress call from Wiggely IV the Enterprise encounters another Romulan Kerchan-class warbird, and the crew race to rescue children missing in a plasmatic ion storm as they must put a stop to a dangerous situation!
8 Under the Hammer
9 Blackout The crew of the Enterprise must race against time to save the Constitution-class starship USS Harrison and the engineering team that's on a relay outpost from a supernova after it encountered an massive power surge, John must decide whether to save the crew of the Harrison or the engineering team on the outpost!
10 Alea llacta Est
11 Rescue Me
12 Ex Oblivion
13 Mad Idolatry
14 Silentium Est Aurem
15 Dictum Factum Part One While the USS Enterprise is docked at Earth Spacedock for repairs and refitting, Vice Admiral Nakaumra has reviewed Kyle's case and has him chat with Captain Minard of the USS Constar at Starfleet Command to discuss the issue of having his career restored to some degree, but when Nakamura is murdered and it looks like that Kyle might be framed in the murder can the crew of the Enterprise help Kyle or will he be without his career!

Season 2[]


# Title Plot
16 Dictum Factum Part Two After learning that Kyle was taken by Section 31 Captain Branson and the crew of the Enterprise embarked on a rescue mission, but after learning that he escaped John takes the Enterprise to the Arcamon Science Station can John and the Enterprise make it there or will Kyle be lost forever!
17 The Dogs of War The Enterprise is sent to rescue aid workers during a coup near Federation space of the Samaru Coalition. The interception of a pirate vessel turns into a life threatening pursuit.
18 Home John, Steven, and T'Lar visit T'Lar's home planet of Vulcan.
19 Behind Enemy Lines Captain Branson finds himself behind enemy lines when he crash-lands on a mysterious planet. Meanwhile, Cmdr. Ivanova questions why Lt. Mitchell wants to take the Command Test.
20 All the World is Birthday Cake When the USS Enterprise detects a signal from Regor 2, a planet searching for other intelligent life in the universe, and initiates first contact. The Regorians welcome Capt. Branson, Cmdr. Ivanova, LtCmdr. Clarkson, and Doctor Carlson However, when it is learned that both Zhasa and Kyle have birthdays in a few days, the Regorians denounce them as "Giliacs," people predisposed to violence. They are immediately sent to a Giliac internment camp. Meanwhile Admiral Branson is ordering the Enterprise to break orbit can Captain Branson save his friends or will they be forced to leave them behind?
21 Deflector The Enterprise arrives at Vulcan to get an upgrade on her shields, A renowned engineer joins the Enterprise, but he hides a shameful secret. Meanwhile, John is having issues with planning an anniversary for him and Jessica's wedding.
22 Identity Part One
23 Identity Part Two The captured Enterprise leads the Klingon armada on its way to Earth for a battle to conquer the Federation.
24 Blood of Patriots John must delegates the treaty of Alliance between the founding members of the Federation, but two unexpected guests risk everything.
25 Lasting Impression The crew of the USS Enterprise opens a time capsule from the year 2015, and Kyle finds love in an unexpected place.
26 Rules of Engagement During a rescue mission Capt. Branson and Capt. Ryan Towe are both critically injured during a bold rescue mission on Samaru IV. Zhasa is made acting command of the USS Enterprise, and faces a series of life and death decisions.
27 A Brilliant Career A change of command on USS Enterprise results in divided loyalties and the humiliation of the ship's most senior female officer. After a dangerous departure from Samaru IV, Captain Branson is recovering at Starfleet Medical on Earth.
28 The Good Death When the crew of Enterprise are tricked into torpedoing a refugee ship containing Steven Carlson and T'Lar's daughter, Dr. Carlson, Ivanova, and Mason are trapped trying to save her. Ortiz and one of the refugee's must try and rescue them, while steering clear of a paranoid dictator.
29 A Call to Arm's

Season 3[]


# Title Plot

Season 4[]


# Title Plot

Season 5[]


# Title Plot