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Star Trek: Phase II is a Star Trek fan fiction series that is created by: Dragonboy546, telling the adventures of the USS Enterprise under the command of Janet T. Kirk.


The year is 2270 and the Federation is engaged in a brutal war with the Klingon Empire, and the Federation isn't doing to well in the war.






Marcia Taylor


Susan Ivanova


John Branson


Jarvis Davidson Seasons 1-7
Stephanie Williams Lieutenant Commander TBA TBA
Jack Mason Lieutenant Kevin Regan TBA
Kara Carlson Ensign/Lieutenant Delena "Dee" Lusk TBA
Kyle Clarkson Lieutenant Commander Jeremy Regan Season 2-7
T'Lar Lieutenant Commander Becky Elliot TBA
Steven Carlson Lieutenant Commander Jacob Elliot TBA
Julia Smith Lieutenant Junior Grade Sadie Brickhouse TBA

Recurring CharactersEdit




Vice Admiral James Branson Michael L. King Season 1 - 7
Fleet Admiral Maria Branson TBA Season 1 - 7
Captain Brianna Branson TBA Season 1 - 7
Rear Admiral Amy Taylor TBA Season 1 - 7
Captain Jessica Smith TBA TBA
Lieutenant Colonel Audrey Hunter TBA Season 1 - 7
Vice Admiral Sampson Taylor TBA Season 1 - 7
Captain Lance Ramirez TBA Season 1 - 7
Cadet Tina Branson TBA Season 1 - 7
Captain Brandon Branson TBA TBA
Rear Admiral James T. Kirk TBA TBA
Rear Admiral Sean McElroy TBA TBA
Lieutenant Sonya Gomez TBA TBA
Lieutenant Commander Sarah Branson TBA TBA
United Federation President Danielle Branson TBA TBA
Captain Elizabeth Branson TBA TBA



Production Title Posted Synopsis Stardate Year
001 "TBA" 2020 Unknown Unknown

Season OneEdit


Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
USS Enterprise in Spacedock "Shakedown Cruise" 1x01 2020 Humans Klingons
While on patrol the USS Enterprise has come across a damaged Klingon warbird and found a survivor and then is tricked to cross the Klingon Neutral Zone, and comes up against several Klingon warships how will the crew of the Enterprise get out of this and will it cause another Klingon Wars.
The Road to Tomed 1x02 2020 Humans Klingons
Quarantine 1x03 2020 Humans, Klingons Klingons
After responding to a distress call from a Federation Frigate Commander Branson was infected with the radiation and is in need of medical attention, while treating him Doctor Carlson figures out a cure but then their under attack by a pair of Klingon D7 Battle Cruisers forcing the Enterprise to hide in a Class-J Nebula. Doctor Carlson demands that Kirk disengages the tractor beam and leave the Peterson behind but she refuses and Doctor Carlson must work hard to cure Commander Branson.
Under the Radar 1x04 2020 Humans, Klingons Klingons
The Enterprise is escorting a medical convoy through the Witchhead Nebula, while escorting the convoy they encounter a fleet of thirty Klingon Battle Cruisers blocking their way can the crew get the convoy to their destination or will the colonist die!
Damage Control 1x05 2020 Humans Humans
Cadet Tina Branson is visiting her father onboard the Enterprise for summer vacation from Starfleet Academy, the Enterprise answers a distress call from a civilian transport vessel under attack by a Klingon warship. After the crew fought it off they take the wounded onboard till the three survivors take Captain Taylor and Tina hostage and one of them is a former Starfleet Officer who was refused command of the Enterprise and demands that Commander Branson takes them to the Klingon Homeworld so they can destroy the Klingons once and for all and end the threat of them attacking can the crew retake the Triage section or will they have no choice but to destroy an entire race of Warriors!
Silentium Est Aurem 1x06 2020 Humans Romulans
While on course to Starbase twenty-five for some R&R the Enterprise, the crew encounters a shuttle from the Klingon mining world o Praxis as they discover that it was flown by Lieutenant Commander Kyle Clarkson former friend of Commander John Branson.
Disaster Strikes 1x07 2020 Humans
The Enterprise encounters an unknown form of subspace anomaly that causes heavy damage to the ship. The crew work together to make repairs and get the ship operational again.
A Problem of Titan Proportions 1x08 2020 Humans Romulans
The Enterprise proceeds to a rendezvous near the Neutral Zone under complete communications blackout. After an important passenger and his aide are transported to another ship it then explodes with the apparent loss of all hands. The situation is uncovered as a plot by a major enemy of the Federation to steal a starship and its technology.
Cupid's Dagger 1x09 2020 Lopovus Humans, Betazoids, Navarians, Bruidans
Darulio returns to cause havok during tense war negotiations!
Firestorm 1x10 2020 Humans
A crew member dies, forcing Captain Taylor to question whether she is fit for command.
New Dimension 1x11 2020 Humans
While on course for Starbase 138 the Enterprise is crippled by spatial anomaly, meanwhile Commander Branson is determine to prove his friend's innocents when the power core blew up the Andorian Colony but when sensors detected a cargo vessel with Romulan disruptor rifles and pistols Kyle comes up with a plan to go into the anomaly to hide but when the warp field begins to fail its up to both John and Kyle to get the ship out before the crew is killed!
Eyes 1x12 2020 Humans
Kirk's decisions of the last year catch up with her, when an internal affairs investigator arrives to test the crew's loyalty to Starfleet with the help of a Betazoid.
Dictum Factum Part (1) 1x13 2020 Earth Humans Andorians
While on a routine patrol the Enterprise is recalled to Earth after receiving news about that Kyle Clarkson's trial is being restarted and while on route they encounter a Andorian Kumari-class battlecruiser that is determine to keep the Enterprise away from Earth and demands that Kyle be handed over to them can Captain Kirk defend him or will they have no choice to surrender him.

Season TwoEdit


Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
"Dictum Factum Part Two" 2x01 2020 Earth Humans Andorians
The Enterprise is blocked by a Andorian heavy cruiser keeping the ship from Earth, and the Andorian Captain demands that the Enterprise surrenders Kyle to them, can Captain Kirk think of a plan to get to Earth so Kyle can get his commission back.
The Nebula 2x02 2020 Humans
The Inquiry Part One 2x05 2020 Earth Humans
The Inquiry Part Two 2x06 2020 Earth Humans

Season ThreeEdit


Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
USS Enterprise in Spacedock "Deployment" 3x01 2020 Humans, Klingons Klingons
At the start of the Federation-Klingon War the Enterprise picked up a distress call from USS Venture under the command of Admiral Robert Spal, but upon arrival the crew discovered Klingons have attacked the ship after they fought off the Klingons Captain Kirk informs Admiral Cornwell of what happened.
Battle of Caernarvon IV 3x02 2020 Caernarvon IV Humans Klingons
Captain Kirk takes the Enterprise, along with the USS Saladin, USS Valiant, and USS Antyllus into battle at Caernarvon IV--a battle that will exact a very high price as it changes the lives of all involved.
220px In the Line of Duty 3x03 2020 Humans Klingons
While on a routine patrol John gets word that his father was killed while defending a starbase from a Klingon attack he has to go and find out for himself before he can mourn the lost of his father, but when life-signs are discovered onboard his father's flagship the USS Hood. But when the Klingons are on approach the crew demands answers from Vice Admiral Branson can the crew figure out what's going on or will they be destroyed!
"The Invasion of Korvan II" 3x04 2020 Humans, Andorians, Vulcans Klingons
Starfleet Command has dispatched a fleet of Federation vessels to Korvan II to keep it from falling to the Klingons, as the fleet awaits the Klingons fleet they pick up the fleet but their outnumbered 2 to 1 like what happened to the Seventh Battlegroup at the Battle of Archanis at the start of the war. Can they hold on before reinforcements arrive?.
"The Slaughter of Altair IV" 3x05 2020 Andorians, Human, Vulcans Klingons
Moral Actions Part One 3x06 2020 Humans Klingons
Moral Actions Part Two 3x07 2020 Humans, Klingons Klingons
Operation Anabasis 3x08 2020 Humans, Klingons Klingons
"Rescue Mission" 3x09 2020 Humans Klingons
"Counterstrike" 3x10 2020 Humans, Klingons Klingons

Season FourEdit




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