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Star Trek: Odyssey is a fan fiction series created by Dragonboy546, and is set in the late 24th century after the Dominion War. The series is set in the time between the ending of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and the film Star Trek Nemesis, focusing on the crew of the USS Odyssey under the command of Captain Sarah Branson.

Star Trek: Odyssey is a PG-13 series that very often treads into adult subject matter.


The year is 2378 and the Dominion War has been over for three years now and Starfleet is continuing it's mission of exploration and discovery, but when an enemy from the 22nd century makes a return it's up to the crew of the USS Odyssey under the command of Captain Sarah Branson and her crew to defend the Federation from the growing threat of the Xindi-Suliban Alliance and the Borg Collective



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Canon and continuity[]

The continuity of Star Trek: Odyssey includes all canon works:


Background and trivia[]

  • The Federation is existing in a state of relative peace, the Dominion War is over, but the rebuilding efforts are still ongoing, as Starfleet recovers and continues with its main mission of exploration throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.
  • But with the advent of peace, comes the testing of the waters by various nefarious individuals, who look upon the end of hostilities as an opportunity to once again stretch forth and make their own mark.
  • Retconning the Caeliar appearance cause it was the most stupidest think to have to end the Borg Invasion.