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Star Trek: Klingon Wars is a fan fiction story created by Dragonboy546, it is based around the adventures of the USS Enterprise crew under the command of Captain Marcia Taylor.


The series begins in 2270 where the United Federation of Planets is at war with the Klingon Empire, Starfleet has commissioned the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Marcia Taylor to oversee the defense fleet along the Klingon Neutral Zone border. But will the fleet be enough to hold the line or will the Klingons invade and take over the entire Alpha Quadrant?






Marcia Taylor


TBA Seasons 1 - 2
Susan Ivanova Commander TBA Season 3-7
John Branson


Jarvis Davidson Seasons 1-7
Stephanie Williams Lieutenant Commander TBA

Season 1

Jack Mason Lieutenant Kevin Regan Season 1-7
Kara Carlson Ensign/Lieutenant Delena "Dee" Lusk Season 1 - 7
Kyle Clarkson Lieutenant Commander Jeremy Regan Season 2-7
T'Lar Lieutenant Commander Becky Elliot Season 1-7
Steven Carlson Lieutenant Commander Jacob Elliot Season 1-7
Julia Smith Lieutenant Junior Grade Sadie Brickhouse Season 1-7

Recurring CharactersEdit




Vice Admiral James Branson Michael L. King Season 1 - 7
Captain Terrence St. James TBA TBA
Fleet Admiral Maria Branson TBA Season 1 - 7
Captain Brianna Branson TBA Season 1 - 7
Rear Admiral Amy Taylor TBA Season 1 - 7
Lieutenant Colonel Audrey Hunter TBA Season 1 - 7
Vice Admiral Sampson Taylor TBA Season 1 - 7
Captain Jessica Smith TBA Season 1 - 7
Cadet Tina Branson TBA Season 1 - 7
Captain Brandon Branson TBA TBA
Captain Holt Allen TBA TBA
Rear Admiral James T. Kirk TBA TBA
Lieutenant Junior Grade Sonya Gomez TBA TBA
Lieutenant Commander Sarah Branson TBA TBA
United Federation of Planets President Danielle Branson TBA TBA
Captain Elizabeth Branson TBA TBA
Captain Ray Martin TBA TBA


Season OneEdit


Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
USS Enterprise in Spacedock "Deployment" 1x01 2020 Humans, Andorians, Klingons
After the destruction of an Andorian colony Commander John Branson is reassigned to the Federation starship USS Enterprise as first officer serving under the command of Captain Marcia Taylor, the Enterprise is heading to its first border patrol but receives a distress call from DS K-7 but when they arrived they felt into a trap can they escape or will they be destroyed!
Battle of Caernarvon IV 1x02 2020 Caernarvon IV Humans Klingons
Captain Taylor takes the Enterprise, along with the USS Farragut, USS Valiant, and USS Antyllus into battle at Caernarvon IV--a battle that will exact a very high price as it changes the lives of all involved.
The Front 1x03 2020 Humans Klingons
The War is raging on throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, as the Dominion quickly recovers from their losses at Torros II. The USS Enterprise is assigned to the Eighth Fleet to combat a Klingon fleet attempting to take over a vital system for the Federation forces can they hold on or will they face destruction?
"The Invasion of Korvan II" 1x04 2018 Humans, Andorians, Vulcans Klingons
"The Slaughter of Altair IV" 1x05 2018 Andorians, Human, Vulcans Klingons
Outpost by thefirstfleet d3gpqnu-pre Silentium Est Aurem 1x06 2020 Humans Klingons
After the battle of Sector 223 the Enterprise is approaching Starbase 23 for much needed repairs and to drop off wounded officers, while at the Starbase Commander Branson runs into his former friend and crewmate on board the Olympia, Kyle Clarkson who is drinking in a bar and getting into fights meanwhile a Klingon task force is threating the starbase!.
"Absent Friends" 1x07 2018 Humans, Vulcans, Andorians
Moral Actions Part One 1x08 2018 Humans Klingons
Moral Actions Part Two 1x09 2018 Humans, Klingons
"Counterstrike" 1x10 2018 Humans, Andorians, Vulcans, Tellarites The Klingons
Dictum Factum (1) 1x11 2018 Earth Humans, Vulcans, Andorians
While on a routine patrol the Enterprise is recalled to Earth after receiving news about that Kyle Clarkson's trial is being restarted and while on route they encounter an Andorian Kumari-Class Battlecruiser that is determine to keep the Enterprise away from Earth and demands that Kyle be handed over to them can Captain Taylor defend him or will they have no choice to surrender him.

Season TwoEdit


Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
"Dictum Factum Part Two" 2x01 2018 Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites
The Enterprise is blocked by a Andorian Heavy Cruiser keeping the ship from Earth, and the Andorian Captain demands that the Enterprise surrenders Kyle to them, can Captain Taylor think of a plan to get to Earth so Kyle can get his commission back.
Court Martial 2x02 2020 Earth Humans
"Attack on Fuel Depot" 2x03 2020 Mempa Humans, Andorians, Tellarites Klingons

Season ThreeEdit


Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
"A Day on the Line" 3x01 2018 Humans, Andorians, Tellarites Klingons
3x02 2018 Earth Humans
No Rest for the Wicked 3x03 2018 Earth Humans
Politics 3x04 2018 Earth Humans

Season FourEdit


Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
"The Needs of the Many" 4x01 2020 Humans
"Rescue Mission" 4x02 2018 Humans, Andorians, Tellarites Klingons
After hearing that his wife Captain Jessica Smith has been captured by the Klingon Empire Captain Branson has convinced his father Rear Admiral James Branson to lead a rescue mission to save her before she's executed by the Dominion.
"The Wounded" 4x04 2018 Humans, Andorians, Tellarites Klingons
While far from the Frontlines of the war the Enterprise is ordered to check on the fourteenth battlegroup under the command of Captain Nelson Jones of the Starship USS Sexton, but upon approaching the sector they discover that the entire battlegroup along with an entire battlegroup of Klingon warships. But when they discover a fully functional Klingon D-7 Battle Cruiser Captain Branson sends an Away Team over to gather data on the cruiser as well as data on the Klingons fleet deployments and ship weaknesses, but when they trigger a self-destruct sequence its up to the Enterprise to save them can they survive or will they be a causality of war!



Background InformationEdit

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