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Star Trek: Four Years War is a fan fiction series created by Dragonboy546 that takes place during the mid-23rd century and that's based off of the FASA RPG book that went out of print some years ago.

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After Operation Pegasus and the first victory of Captain Garth and his crew onboard the USS Ares, the Klingon Empire is frustrated that they can't defeat the newer designed ships. After the launch of the new D7-class Warships the Ares-class are now on the defensive can they find out how to defeat this new class or will they be defeated?



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  • 1x01: War Begins-The year is 2241 The United Federation of Planets is enjoying much needed peace time after the war with the Romulan Star Empire, but unknown to them an old foe is starting to surface.

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  • 3x01: D-7 Assault-After the success of Operation Pegasus the Federation forces have gotten back three systems in 30 days, and with the construction of the newest heavy cruiser behind schedule the Klingons have unleashed something bigger, badder, and tougher then what was in the war.

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