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Spock was a male half-Vulcan, half-Human who lived during the 23rd century. He served in Starfleet as science officer of the USS Enterprise. In 2259, he, James T. Kirk, and Leonard McCoy were sent to an alternate reality by a mysterious anomaly they encountered.

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On stardate 2259.41, the USS Enterprise was examining a strange anomaly near the Federation-Klingon border when James T. Kirk, Spock, and Dr. Leonard McCoy were transported off the Enterprise by the anomaly. The trio woke up on Earth, near San Francisco, but they were puzzled as to how they got there. Kirk suggested they head for Starfleet Headquarters to find some answers.

Upon reaching HQ, the group was greeted by several guards who inquired if they were part of the cleanup crew. Spock offered that they were there to see Admiral Perry, but the guards did not recognize the name. McCoy announced that there was an accident inside, but the guards, noting that they would have been notified if an accident had occurred, inferred that the three of them were "a bunch of fakes." Unwilling to give up, the trio immediately began looking for another way in, and Spock soon located a ventilation shaft that led inside. Once inside, they encountered Scotty, who was shocked to see them, believing they had been locked in prison by a mysterious being named X. According to Scotty, X had swiftly and effectively wiped out Starfleet and taken control of Earth.

Spock then theorized that he, Kirk, and McCoy had all been pulled into an alternate reality by the anomaly. Kirk's next move was to discover how X gained power so quickly, but the guards from earlier had somehow realized they had gotten inside and apprehended them. The lead guard then took them to meet Kardok, one of X's subordinates. Kardok would not allow them an audience with X, but after a short time, X came out of his chamber. Kirk asked him his intentions, and X said that he wished to unite the Alpha Quadrant under his rule; Kirk told him that he would not allow that. A brief fight ensued, resulting in casualties on both sides. Kardok fled, and Kirk, Spock, and McCoy left the area with haste.[1]

Some time later, Spock, after having "considered every option," began to feel that the three of them should accept that there might be no way to get back to their own reality. They were soon attacked by an unidentified assailant, but Samara Johnson, a former guard under Tommy Angelo's command, showed up and helped them escape.[2]

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