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Spock was a male half-Vulcan, half-Human who lived during the 23rd and 24th centuries. He served in Starfleet as science officer of the USS Enterprise and held the rank of commander as of 2270.

Later in his career, he became an influential Federation ambassador.

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Spock was serving aboard the USS Enterprise in 2270. During a temporal incursion orchestrated by B'vat, the Enterprise was attacked by Klingon forces. Spock briefly took Nyota Uhura's place at communications to relay an emergency distress signal to nearby friendly ships. The message was received by the USS Leviathan, who had come back in time in pursuit of B'vat.[1]

By the 24th century, Spock had become an ambassador. Following the destruction of Romulus, some Romulans blamed Spock for failing to save their homeworld.[2] Proconsul D'Tan of the Romulan Republic, however, was a follower of Spock's charge to lead the Romulan and Vulcan people to reunification.[3]

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