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Spectres is a story arc that spans chapters 13 - 16 of Star Trek: Federation Legacy.

It shifts the focus from the Federation-Klingon War to the Devidians, who serve as the primary antagonists of the arc. Spectres introduces Kardok, who made his debut appearance in Star Trek: Final Voyages' Zenith arc. Elisa Flores returns to the story, this time in a much larger role, and legendary Starfleet officers Leonard McCoy and Montgomery Scott both make guest appearances. A younger B'vat also makes a surprise appearance when the USS Leviathan jumps back in time to the 23rd century and nearly foils their mission.


Section 31 agent Franklin Drake contacts Jason Fredricks, ordering the USS Leviathan to the Donatu system to determine why True Way ships have shown up so close to Klingon space. Before they depart, Jason requests that Elisa Flores be pardoned and released from the New Zealand Penal Settlement. Drake reluctantly agrees, stating that he owes Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn "a favor." Upon reaching the Donatu system, the crew finds that the True Way flagship, Axon, and its attack group engaged in combat with Klingon forces. Despite being at war, the commander of the Klingon regiment allows Jason to lead an away team onto the Axon. Onboard, the crew finds several Cardassians strangely drained of their neural energy. They discover on the Cardassian bridge that the culprits behind this are the Devidians, a race encountered by the crew of the USS Enterprise-D in 2368.[1]

Drake then sends the Leviathan to Drozana Station, where a Section 31 agent, Ze'mara, is stationed. Before Drake lost contact with her, she had reported strange environmental fluctuations on the station, which both Drake and Jason believe to be more Devidian activity. Jason leads an away team to the station, where they enlist the help of Kardok, a Klingon captain revealed to be the commander of the Klingon force in the Donatu system. The group takes a lift down to the computer core level, but the lift is sabotaged by Gein, a maintenance hologram gone rogue. During the ensuing battle among the away team, Gein, and the Devidians, both Jason and Tala Jones are sucked into a Devidian portal. The rest of the away team is forced to destroy the portal and rescue their friends a different way.[2]

Jason and Tala find themselves locked in a detention cell, which they surmise to be in he 23rd century. The rest of the away team, still in the 25th century, formulates a plan to rescue the two of them. Dylyp Azeli orders Th'vol Olethla and Hannah Freeman down to help them locate another portal and use it. In the past, the residents of Drozana are suffering from the effects of triolic waves, and Dr. Leonard McCoy is left desperately searching for a cure. Thanks to an idea suggested by Tala, McCoy is able to "restart" the neurons in the patients' brains, curing them of the triolic poisoning. Despite nearly being tossed out an airlock by Chief Simien, the away team manages to escape through another portal and return to Drozana in 2409. Kardok and the away team members who had stayed behind destroy the portal as soon as Jason and his team are through.[3]


# Title Stardate Published
13 "Skirmish" 83446.1 12 October 2015
Two months after the events at Celes and the Briar Patch, the crew of the USS Leviathan is sent to the Donatu system to discover why the True Way has been spotted there.
14 "What Lies Beneath" Unknown 28 October 2015
Franklin Drake sends the USS Leviathan to Drozana Station to determine the whereabouts of a Section 31 operative there and gather more information on the Devidian presence in the area.
15 "Everything Old Is New" 1016.3, Unknown 14 January 2016
Jason Fredricks and Tala Jones find themselves trapped on Drozana Station nearly 150 years in the past. In the present, their crewmates formulate a plan to stop the Devidians and rescue them before it's too late.
16 "Night of the Comet" 83468.7 11 March 2016
The crews of the USS Leviathan and IKS SuvwI' travel back to Drozana Station in the 23rd century to put an end to the Devidians' activity there.



Jason Fredricks (4) • Lenerea Mendel (4) • Franklin Drake (3) • Tala Jones (4) • Ernie Hauser (4) • Elisa Flores (4) • Walt Bozeman (2) • Dylyp Azeli (4) • Th'vol Olethla (4) • Julia Cromwell (1) • Lucas Wells (4) • Hannah Freeman (2) • Kardok (4) • Ze'mara (1) • Sera Ivey (1) • Belan (1) • Gein (1) • Simien (1) • Kevin Briggs (1) • Charlie Morgan (1) • Leonard McCoy (1) • Myers (1) • Kendra Reaver (1) • Sofia Wenner (1) • Raltha Trebor (1) • Daniel Harvey (1) • Crusoe (1) • Vance L'eher (1) • Montgomery Scott (1) • Cassidy (1) • B'vat (1)
Referenced only
Madred (1) • Jorel Quinn (2) • Jarek Davis (1) • Vance L'eher (1) • B'vat (1) • Jeff Philips (2) • Charlie Morgan (2) • Maria Fredricks (1) • D'Ghor (1) • Thomas Fredricks (1) • Sera Ivey (1) • Julia Cromwell (1) • James T. Kirk (1) • Kahless the Unforgettable (1) • Leonard McCoy (1) • Warat (1)


USS Leviathan (4) • Axon (1) • IKS SuvwI' (2) • IKV Quv (1)
Referenced only
USS Enterprise-D (1) • Axon (1) • USS Cochrane (1) • USS Enterprise (1)


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