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Sora was a female Romulan who lived during the 25th century. She served in the Romulan Republic[1] as security chief of the RRW Decius and held the rank of centurion as of 2409.


Sora had a very harsh personality, and was quite protective of her captain. She even threatened to kill officers of the USS Leviathan and IKS SuvwI' if they so much as touched Rhiana.[1][2]


In October of 2409, Sora accompanied her captain, Rhiana Valkyrie, to Nimbus III to locate a substation in a Gorn-controlled canyon. Sora kept tabs on Rhiana while Tovan Khev and Hiven discussed the potential location of the substation. Sora killed a Gorn that tried to attack Rhiana, to the surprise of Rhiana, who had been completely oblivious to the Gorn's presence.[1]

Sora later accompanied Rhiana and Tovan to a conference on the USS Leviathan about a Tal Shiar presence on Nimbus III that Rhiana's crew had discovered. Sora threatened death upon anyone who might bring harm to her captain.[2]



Rhiana Valkyrie[]

Sora was overly protective of her captain, Rhiana. She kept watch over Rhiana while Tovan Khev was unable to, and even saved Rhiana's life from a Gorn that had sneaked up behind her. Sora believed Rhiana had the "devil's luck".[1]

Sora later threatened members of the USS Leviathan and IKS SuvwI' crews with death if they laid a hand on Rhiana.[2]



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