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For his prime universe counterpart, see Solarmetric.

Mirror counterpart to Fleet Captain Solar, Solarmetric was the head commander of the Terran Empire Imperial Starfleet from 2404 - 2415. He commanded the ISS Bladeraider. Unlike traditional means of assassination to rise through rank, Solarmetric earned his rank during the final Terran-Alliance War. Through quick thinking and cunning he was able to crush the last remains of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. During the Iconian War, Solarmetric refused technology from the future and proved that the empire was superior without them. With the defeat of the Iconians, The Empire was then split between those wanting to join Leeta or remain loyal to the Emperor. Solarmetric remained loyal to the Emperor. Despite the split, the Empire still had one burning goal, and that was to invade the Prime universe, and destroy the United Federation of Planets. Solarmetric sent ship after ship to invade the Federation, but time and again, they would fail. It was at this point the Solarmetric found Project L.A.N.C.E.R..

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With the quick rising of the Interspecies Republic and the Federation Incursion led by Admiral Simon Jay Smith, Solarmetric received a report that Vice Admiral Mercury was mortally wounded and was untreatable. Since the rising of the resistance, they had always been one step ahead of the Empire. Solarmetric had a theory that the Empire had been infiltrated and that there were those who were posing as imperial officers and soldiers. He tested this theory by sending Imperial Captain Naomi Smith of the ISS Gotengo and three other starships to Planet Plora, for there was an rebel uprising. His theory came true when ISR ships warped in and knew exactly when and where to strike. Solarmetric now knew that the Empire was compromised. He enlisted Tu'Cul to help him revive the injured Mercury. Tu'Cul, with the help of Naomi, was able to steal cloning technology from the Radians since the Federation destroyed their cloning technology. Solarmetric also notified Admiral Kendra Rodgers, who was Solarmetric's most trusted adviser, of the plan.

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