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This individual was an Undine who had infiltrated Starfleet posing as Vulcan ambassador Sokketh. His life ended when his ship was destroyed in the P'Jem system.

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In 2408, the Undine killed Vulcan ambassador Sokketh, and took up his namesake. Not even his personal aide, T'Pela realized he had been replaced.

On stardate 83189.1, he used the crew of the USS Leviathan to transport him to the monastery on P'Jem, where he would kill and take the place of the Vulcan abbot. Luckily, T'Pela discovered and informed the Leviathan's captain, Jason Fredricks, that the man they transported to P'Jem was actually an imposter. Sokketh grew suspicious of Fredricks' cautious behavior and tried to kill him and his away team. He failed, and then shape-shifted into a Klingon captain. He transported up to his ship, the Plok'tau, and was presumably killed during the ensuing battle when his ship was destroyed.[1]

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