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Blair Sofia Wenner[1] was a female Human who lived during the 25th century. She served in Starfleet as a cadet at Starfleet Academy as of 2408.[2]


Sofia seemed to be easily annoyed, as she became frustrated by Lucas Wells' antics during the Starfleet Academy graduation ceremony. She also grew defensive when a fellow cadet insulted officers working at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, the facility that her mother worked at.[2]

Otherwise, she had a pleasant attitude and got along well with her friends.[1]


Two weeks before graduation, Sofia and two of her friends, Elisa Flores and Raltha Trebor, spent some recreation time in Club 602, where they were interrupted by Daniel Harvey, a troublesome cadet with a knack for irritating people.[1]

Sofia graduated from Starfleet Academy with the Class of 2408 on 14 May 2408 (82513.9) and attended the graduation ceremony in San Francisco.[2]



Elisa Flores[]

Sofia and Elisa got along well, though Sofia once scolded her for deriding Klingon culture, believing that they should respect their beliefs despite being enemies. Sofia was also impressed when Elisa defended her from a bully, stating that she'd make a good security chief.[1]

Raltha Trebor[]

Sofia and Raltha were on good terms, and spent time at Club 602 with their mutual friend, Elisa, on at least one occasion.[1]

Daniel Harvey[]

Daniel Harvey was a notorious troublemaker on the grounds of Starfleet Academy,[citation needed] and one day two weeks before graduation, he approached Sofia while she, Elisa, and Raltha were enjoying time together. Sofia, not appreciating his advances, told him to leave, but he refused at first. Elisa then stepped in, punching him in the face. He quickly left them alone, and Sofia was appreciative.[1]


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