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Slamek was a male Reman who lived during the 25th century.

He was held captive in a Tal Shiar facility until a joint Romulan Republic-Starfleet-Klingon Defense Force team rescued him and other prisoners in 2409.[1]

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Slamek was a very pessimistic individual. This attitude may have been a result of his captivity in Installation 18. He also believed that the "creature" the Tal Shiar officers released would kill him and his rescuers.[1]

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At some point, Slamek was captured by the Tal Shiar and placed in their Nimbus III facility, Installation 18, to be experimented on. He was rescued in October 2409 by a team of Romulan Republic, Starfleet, and Klingon Defense Force officers that had broken into the facility. After escaping, the Romulans took him and the other prisoners with them to try to reunite them with their families.[1]

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