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Sierra Gordon, alias Death Angel, was a mystery to both her younger siblings and those around her.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Sierra was born on 15 July 1910 on Vulcan to Darogon and Karen Gordon. She was five when she was converted into a Techno-Organic Vulcan. She was raised to be a fighter above everything else. She joined Starfleet at the age of twenty, just as her younger siblings did. She got her own command at the age of 200, the USS Devastator, and she left her parents behind to serve in Starfleet and never talked to them at all. At the age of 141 her parents had a son; she became an older sister. Later on at the age of 341 and her brother being 200, her parents had another son. She was now an older sister to then 200 year old Jack Gordon and the toddler Blaze Gordon. She never met any of them til she turned 500 and was forced to go to their aid but throughout their life she kept tabs on them making sure they were safe.

Starfleet career Edit

Heavily redacted by Starfleet Intelligence.

Physicality Edit

Sierra was one of the fourteen second-generation Masters (Guardians), or royal guard, to the Alliance, the current government of the Xeno/Techno-Organic race; thus she had special abilities just as the rest of her family did.

Master's ability Edit

  • Amorphous Physiology