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"Shakedown Cruise" is the series premiere episode of Starship Enterprise, which aired on 16 March 2019. It is authored by Dragonboy546.

Commander Taylor learns that she has been selected for promotion to Captain, and has been assigned control of the USS Enterprise. And her former high school friend Commander Branson is assigned as her first officer while on a shakedown cruise the Enterprise comes to Epsilon II and it's research station when they encounter a Klingon warbird.



The USS Shran a Magee-class starship is in orbit around the Andorian colony world as the planet starts breaking apart and pieces start breaking off the planet, as the ship is trying to avoid to be hit.


Klaxon blares as the crew are heading to their battle stations as Captain Sean Miller is sitting in his chair, but he can't be heard what he is saying to his crew as Commander Branson is shocked by what he's seeing.


The planet explodes into a thousand pieces as a shockwave emits and catches the ship tearing it apart with all hands.


Commander Branson thrashes about and gets up quickly as he's panting and looks around the quarters of his wife and sees the energy stream while the ship is at warp, his wife Jessica gets up as well.

JESSICA: Same bad dream?

JOHN (Nods): Yeah same bad dream.

She rubs his back.

JESS: John you got to see a doctor about this.

John gets out of the bed and looks out at the energy stream of the warp tunnel.

JOHN: I've tried but they don't get what I've been through that day.

Jessica gets up and walks behind him and wraps her arms around his waist and kisses his back.

JESSICA (Sighs): I know.

Then the com activates.

CMDR. T'VAR (Com Voice): Bridge to Captain Smith.

She activates the com.

JESSICA (To com): Smith here go ahead T'Var?

CMDR. T'VAR (Com Voice): Captain we're approaching Utopia Planitia Shipyards.

JESSICA (To com): Very well T'Var have Ensign Nelson drop us out of warp and travel the rest of the way at impulse.

CMDR. T'VAR (Com Voice): Aye, Captain.

She deactivates the com.

They get dressed to head out.


The USS Nightingale drops out of warp and approaches the Shipyards that are housing different classes of Starfleet vessels that are being built, decommissioned, repaired, or refitted as one of the dry-dock berths is holding the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Constitution-class heavy cruiser as worker bees fly around the ship as the USS Nightingale parks itself right next to the dry-dock berth.


A split level room with the higher part by the windows, so little Marcia can stand there and be eye to eye with her crewmen she's sitting on the couch while her husband James Hanson is talking to her via holographic communication.

JAMES (Holographic image): The Doctor's called.


JAMES (Holographic image): And I was right.

MARCIA (Smiles): She's pregnant?

JAMES (Holographic image): The puppies are due in seven weeks.

MARICA (Smiles) Do my parents know?

James shrugs his shoulders.

JAMES (Holographic image): No but I'm on leave for the next seven weeks, I can watch her till she gives birth and we can figure out what we're gonna do with puppies.

MARCIA (Smiles): Thanks Honey.

JAMES (Holographic form): So when are you heading out?

She looks at two PADDs.

MARICA (Sighs): As soon as I can approve these system status reports, and meet the new first officer.

JAMES (Holographic form): Alright then I won't bother you anymore.

Marcia puts the PADDs down and walks over to his hologram form.

MARCIA: Hey you never bother me, except the way I love to be bothered. Understand?

James cracks half a smile.

JAMES (Holographic form): I'll keep that in mind and don't worry I've already got her bed.

MARCIA (Smiles): See you in a few week honey.

JAMES (Holographic form): Alright then love you.

Marcia blows a kiss to him and the transmission ends, as the doors chimed.

CAPT. TAYLOR (sighs): Come.

The doors opened and Commander Branson enters and stands at attention.

CMDR. BRANSON: Commander John Timothy Branson reporting for duty Captain.

CAPT. TAYLOR (Smiles): John welcome aboard Enterprise its good to see you again.

They shook hands.

CMDR. BRANSON (Smiles): Same to you Marcia I thought you were being posted to the USS Jonesboro?

They sit down.

MARCIA (Smiles): Admiral Tucker decided to give me command of the Enterprise, but I hope your trip home wasn't boring?

JOHN (Smiles): No it wasn't I was able to hitch a ride on the Nightingale.

MARCIA (Smiles): Its good to have you as my first officer, and the crew is looking forward to work with you.

JOHN: That's good.

Then the com does its whistle sound.

LTCMDR. T'LAR (Com Voice): Bridge to Captain Taylor.

She activates the com.

CAPT. TAYLOR (To com): Taylor here go ahead T'Lar?

LTCMDR. T'LAR (Com Voice): Captain we've picked up a distress call from Archanis IV, they're reporting their under attack by Klingons!

Both Marcia and John are shocked by this.


Act OneEdit


Enterprise is a soaring at high warp.

CAPT. TAYLOR'S (VO): Captain's Log Stardate 5338.5. The Enterprise is on route to the Archanis system, after responding to a distress call from one of our colonies on the fourth planet.


The crew are all at their posts ready for action.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Helm ETA to Archanis IV?

Ensign Carlson checks her console read out.

ENS. CARLSON: One hour and thirty seconds Captain.

Branson chimes in.

CMDR. BRANSON: That should give us time to prep the ship for battle.

CAPT. TAYLOR (Nods): Good idea Commander, Mister Mason tactical status?

Lieutenant Mason chimes in.

LTJG. MASON: We've got a full payload of Photon Torpedoes, main phaser banks are full charged and shields are at 100%.

Then Lieutenant Junior Grade Smith chimes in.

LTJG. SMITH: Captain we're receiving an encoded transmission from Starfleet Command its Vice Admiral Brett Anderson.

Branson tenses up a bit.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Let's hear it Julia.

Lieutenant Smith inputs commands into her console and then Admiral Anderson appears on the viewer.

ADM. ANDERSON (VIEWER): Enterprise back up is arriving but it will be about a few hours till they can be there to support you, Marcia I know this is your first rescue mission as Captain but we need the best ship and the best crew on this and that's the Enterprise just hold the line till they arrive to back you up Starfleet out.

Federation symbol appears on the screen and then it goes back to the energy stream streaking by the ship, as Ensign Carlson chimes in.

ENS. CARLSON: Approaching Archanis System now Captain.

Taylor activates the intercom.

CAPT. TAYLOR (To Com): All hands battle stations this is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill all crew to your battle stations.

Lights dimmed and klaxons blare.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Helm drop us out of warp.

Ensign Carlson inputs commands into the helm.

ENS. CARLSON: Aye, Captain dropping out of warp.


Enterprise emerges from warp and enters the system.


CAPT. TAYLOR: Full sensor scans T'Lar.

Commander T'Lar scans the system.

LTCMDR. T'LAR: Picking up debris field in the area.

Taylor chimes in.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Can you indentify the fragments of the debris.

T'Lar runs her scans on the pieces and chimes in.

LTCMDR. T'LAR: It appears to be a Vulcan combat cruiser.

Branson chimes in.

CMDR. BRANSON: A top of the line vessel of the Vulcan fleet, I thought you guys kept your ships near the Vulcan home system?

T'Lar raises an eyebrow and chimes in.

LTCMDR. T'LAR: That's true but most of my people do trade with the Federation colonies, its possible that this vessel was part of the defense of this colony when the Klingons attacked.

Taylor chimes in folding her arms.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Run another scan I wanna know what class of Vulcan ship it came from, helm standrad orbit.

LTCMDR. T'LAR (nods): Aye, Captain.

T'Lar runs her scans.


Enterprise flies through the debris field heading to the planet.


Marcia is listening to music when the doors chimed.

CAPT. TAYLOR (To Com): Computer pause music, come.

Music stops as the doors open and Commander Branson enters holding a PADD.

CMDR. BRANSON: (re: PADD) T'Lar's sensor scans of the Vulcan ship.

Taylor looks at the PADD.

CAPT. TAYLOR (Surprised): A D'Kyr-Class combat cruiser?

CMDR. BRANSON (nods): Like I said on the bridge top of the line in the Vulcan fleet.

Marcia puts the PADD on her desk.

MARCIA (Sighs): Why would the Vulcan send out a combat cruiser to conduct a trade anyway most of the time they would send a smaller vessel?

Branson sits down in the chair in front of the desk.

JOHN (Shrugs his shoulders): Unknown I've got Smith sending an encoded transmission to the Vulcan High Council, but it could take awhile.

Marcia leans back.

MARCIA (Smiles): You seem to be getting along with Lieutenant Smith more is there a reason?

JOHN: I'm married to her sister Captain Jessica Smith of the USS Nightingale.

MARCIA: Ah, yes the Medical Frigate that you hitched a ride on heading back to Earth.

The com activates.

LTCMDR. T'LAR (Com Voice): Captain Taylor to the Bridge.

They get up from the chairs and head to the doors.


Both Taylor and Branson enter the bridge.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Report Commander?

T'Lar vacates the command chair and heads to her post as T'Lar chimes in.

LTCMDR. T'LAR: We're approaching the planet.

Captain Taylor sits in the center chair.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Let's see it.

Transparent viewer shows the planet as much of the crew is in utter shock by the sight.

LTCMDR. T'LAR: Looks like fifty-one percent of the planet surface has been reduced to molten lava.

Branson chimes in.

CMDR. BRANSON (Shocked): They bombed them back to the Stone age.

Taylor gets up from the command chair and walks over to the transparent viewer.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Scan for survivors.

T'Lar runs her scans.

LTCMDR. T'LAR: Sensor scans show no bio-signs on the surface.

Taylor says as silent prayer for the dead colonist.


Enterprise enters orbit of Archanis IV.


Act TwoEdit


Enterprise is in orbit around Archanis IV.

CAPT. TAYLOR'S (VO): Captain's log supplemental, The Enterprise arrived at Archanis IV after receiving a distress call from the Archanis IV colony, by the time we got here we've found no survivors.


Captain Taylor is chatting with Admiral Brett Anderson.

ADM. ANDERSON (holographic form): No survivors?

CAPT. TAYLOR (Nods): No survivors sir we're still scanning for anyone but so far nothing.

ADM. ANDERSON (holographic form): Damn and Commander T'Lar found out that the weapons signature was Klingon?

CAPT. TAYLOR (nods): Yes, sir.

Admiral Anderson folds his arms.

ADM. ANDERSON (Holographic form): Very well I'm sending a relief team to your position, you are ordered to hold your position till they arrive understood.

CAPT. TAYLOR (nods): Yes, sir.

ADM. ANDERSON (Holographic form): Starfleet out.

Transmission ends.

COMPUTER: Signal terminated.

Captain Taylor leans back in her chair behind her desk.


Commander Branson is sitting in the Captain's Chair while Captain Taylor is briefing Starfleet Command on the situation, when Lieutenant Commander T'Lar chimes in.

LTCMDR. T'LAR: Commander sensors are picking something up on the polar side of the planet.

Commander Branson gets up from the Captain's chair and walks over to her station.

CMDR. BRANSON: What is it T'Lar?

T'Lar checks her console screen and reports.

LTCMDR. T'LAR: Unknown at the moment Commander but it looks like some sort of energy field its scattering sensors scan.

Branson turns to Lieutenant Smith.

CMDR. BRANSON: Julia open a channel.

LTJG. SMITH: Aye, sir.

CMDR. BRANSON (to com): Unknown bunker this is John Branson first officer of the Federation Starship USS Enterprise, we're responding to your distress call we're in geosynchronous orbit.

LTJG. SMITH: No response.

He walks over to the center chair and activates the com.

CMDR. BRANSON (To com): Captain Taylor to the bridge.

Captain Taylor enters the bridge.


CMDR. BRANSON: T'Lar picked up an energy field on the polar side of Archanis.

Captain Taylor walks over to the transparent viewer as she looks at the planet, then turns to Commander Branson.

CAPT. Taylor: Have you tried contacting them.

CMDR. BRANSON: Yes so far no response from them.

Taylor folds her arms looks at the transparent viewer.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Who was the last starship to be here?

Branson chimes in.

CMDR. BRANSON: The USS Apollo under the command of John Walker.

Taylor thinks.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Is the channel still open?

Smith checks and chimes in.

LTJG. SMITH (nods): Yes, Captain.

CAPT. TAYLOR (to com): Archanis survivors this Marcia Taylor Captain of the Federation Starship USS Enterprise, we're here to respond to your distress call please respond.

A few hours of silences then someone speaks.

ANNE (Com Voice): Enterprise oh thank god we thought Starfleet gave us up for dead.

CMDR. BRANSON: Anne that's you its John Branson I'm a friend of your brother Kyle Clarkson.

ANNE (Com Voice): John its good to hear your voice they came out of nowhere, and started firing on the surface.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Anne did the Apollo do anything?

ANNE (Com Voice): No they just beamed up Admiral Jones and left us

CMDR. BRANSON: Anna how many colonist are with you?

ANNA (Com Voice): One hundred and thirty colonist are here with me we were able to get them into the building and raised the shields and scattering field, I'm disabling it now

LTCMDR. T'LAR: Scattering field is down.

CAPT. TAYLOR (to com): Standby to beam up for medical treatment, Doctor Carlson standby to receive wounded.

DR. CARLSON (Com Voice): On our way to the transporter room.

LTJG. MASON: Lowering shields now.

Console screen shows the shields around the Enterprise lowering as Captain Taylor goes to her chair and activates the com.

CAPT. TAYLOR (To com): Bridge to Carlson Doctor report?

DR. CARLSON (Com Voice): We're alright down here a bit shaken up from the jolt but we're good one hundred and thirty people have been beamed aboard, and we're taking them to sickbay now.

CAPT. TAYLOR (To com): Very well Doctor keep me posted Taylor out.

Branson chimes in.

CMDR. BRANSON (Sighs): At least their alive.

Taylor sits in the Captain's chair.

CAPT. TAYLOR: T'Lar keep an eye out for whatever attacked the planet.

LTCMDR. T'LAR (nods): Aye, Captain.

Branson chimes in.

CMDR. BRANSON: Think someone is out there?

CAPT. TAYLOR (Nods): Yeah.


Far outside the Enterprise's sensors a Klingon D-6 Battle cruiser is watching from a far.


Act ThreeEdit


The Enterprise is in orbit of Archanis IV.


John is thrashing about having the same dream and he gets up quickly breathing heavily and wiping sweat off his forehead as he gets out of the bed, he gets himself something to drink.

JOHN (To com): Computer bring up files on Andorian incident of 2253.

COMPUTER: Files not found

JOHN (Surprised): That can't be run search again.

COMPUTER: Files not found.

John leans back in his desk chair thinking and shocked when the door bell rang.

JOHN: Come in.

The doors opened and Anna is standing there.

ANNA: I hope I didn't wake you I know its late.

JOHN (Smiles): No its alright I can't sleep anyway been having the same nightmare.

Anna enters John's quarters and the doors closed behind her.

ANNA: I am glad that you're doing well John.

He sits on the couch.

JOHN: Yeah I just wish that Kyle could be doing this as well but I've not spoken to him since the inquiry and gave me a black eye and the cold shoulder.

She sits next to him.

ANNA: I know where Kyle is he's serving onboard the ECS Jamestown as Chief Engineer and that's the last time I spoke to him about the incident or his discharge.

JOHN: He needs to understand that I was under ordered by Captain Miller of the USS Shran to keep quiet about the incident.

ANNA: Kyle is very prideful and he earned his commission the same way you did at Starfleet Academy with hard work and grit, and now he doesn't have a Starfleet commission anymore just give him time he'll come around.

JOHN (Sighs): I hope.

She puts her hand on his shoulder.


On the bridge is at red alert, Mason is at tactical, Carlson at the conn, T'Lar at ops, Commander Branson is giving a series of rapid fire orders from the command area. Various N.D's as needed.

CMDR. BRANSON: Lock phasers onto enemy vessel Mister Mason.

Lieutenant Mason inputs commands into the tactical console.

LTJG. MASON: Phasers locked on target sir.

T'Lar chimes in.

LTCMDR. T'LAR: Enemy vessel firing sir.

Commander Branson looks at Carlson.

CMDR. Branson: Carlson evasive pattern beta 2.

Ensign Carlson inputs commands into the conn.

ENS. Carlson: Hard starboard aye, Commander.

Lieutenant Mason looks at his console.

LTJG. MASON: Port shields down to 87% the disruptor grazed our port shields Commander but we're still in the fight, Phasers are still locked onto the enemy vessel.

Commander Branson looks at the viewer.

CMDR. BRANSON: Fire phasers.

He presses the firing button.

LTCMDR. T'LAR: Enemy vessel destroyed sir.

CMDR. BRANSON: End simulation sequence. Secure from drill. Alpha shift, your response time was seven percent slower than the gamma shift. All departments, submit drill evaluation reports.

Everyone on the bridge reacts to this disappointing news.

Cut to:

CMDR. BRANSON (Com Voice): By oh nine hundred hours

LTCMDR. WILLIAMS: Lieutenant you'll be writing that report.

LT. PAYNE (Nods): Yes, Commander.


Commander Branson walks over to Lieutenant Mason.

CMDR. BRANSON: What happened back there Lieutenant?

LTJG. MASON: I'm sorry, sir. When we changed course I had to re-lock phasers before I could fire.

CMDR. BRANSON: Next time, try letting the locking relay float until the actual order to fire is given. They may not teach that trick at the Academy, but it works.

LTJG. MASON (Nods): Aye, sir thank you sir.

Then Captain Taylor enters the bridge.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Anything to report?

Lieutenant Smith chimes in.

LTJG. SMITH: Received a transmission from the USS Constitution Captain Kaminski reports that she's five minutes out along with Captain Sean Miller of the USS Shran.

Taylor turns to her.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Inform them that we found survivors and we're gonna take them to Starbase 36.

LTJG. SMITH (Nods): Aye, Captain.

CMDR. BRANSON: At least we're getting back up.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Yeah that's true but let's hope they get here soon.

Then Mason has a confused look on his face and reports.

LTJG. MASON: Captain something is approaching us it caused the shields to auto raise.

The ship jolts hard as the crew hangs onto their consoles as Captain Taylor hangs onto the arm rests of her chair.


Explosion erupts as two more disruptor blots score hits on the port nacelle of the Enterprise, as a D-6 cruiser flies over the Heavy Cruiser.


Act FourEdit


A Klingon D-6 battle cruiser fires at the Enterprise making her shield armor flicker.


Ship jolts hard under the barrage of disruptor fire.

LTJG. MASON: Shields down to seventy-five percent!

Ship rocks hard.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Helm evasive maneuver pattern Delta four full impulse, Mister Mason fire phasers.

ENS. CARLSON: Pattern Delta aye Captain.

Ensign Carlson inputs commands into the helm.


The Enterprise moves to port avoiding most of the D-6's weapons fire, as the Enterprise fires off a phaser barrage hitting the D-6's ventral shield armor making them flicker but scoring good hits on the Klingon cruiser's ventral section.


Jack SLAMS the console in celebration.

LTJG. MASON: direct hit to their primary grid they've taken damage.

T'Lar chimes in.

LTCMDR. T'LAR: Minor hull buckling on decks five-ten, sickbay is reporting minor causalities.

Taylor activates the com.

CAPT. TAYLOR (To com): Bridge to engineering Stephanie damage report?

LTCMDR. WILLIAMS (Com Voice): Minor damage to containment generators five to ten, sending repair teams now.

Ship jolts hard.

LTJG. MASON: Shields down to twenty-nine percent!

Taylor turns to Smith.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Where the hell is the Shran!

LTJG. SMITH: At high warp their an hour away.

Ship jolts hard.

CMDR. BRANSON: Power outages on decks fifteen-twenty-three evacuating the decks.

Ship jolts hard sparks erupt from the ceiling.

LTJG. MASON: Shields buckling!

Branson thinks then chimes in.

CMDR. BRANSON: Helm adjust course to two-five-seven mark fourteen.

Ensign Carlson inputs commands into the helm and chimes in.

ENS. CARLSON: Sir this course takes us into the Archanis IV atmosphere.

Branson chimes in.

CMDR. BRANSON: Exactly we skim the atmosphere between air and space.

Captain Taylor thinks.

CAPT. TAYLOR (Nods): Jack divert all power to the shields, Julia have damage control teams on standby.

LTJG. MASON (nods): Aye, Captain.

LTJG. SMITH (Nods): Aye, Captain.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Kara go for it.

ENS. CARLSON (Nods): Aye, Captain.

Ensign Carlson inputs commands into the helm.


Enterprise comes about and heads to the planet with the Klingon D-6 Battle Cruiser close behind her firing her disruptors at the Heavy Cruiser.


CAPT. TAYLOR: Kara where are we at?

ENS. CARLSON: Entering upper atomsphere now Captain.


Both the Enterprise and the Klingon vessel are skimming the atmosphere as the D-6 is firing at the Enterprise.


Ship is rocking about as Lieutenant Commander T'Lar chimes in.

LTCMDR. T'LAR: The Klingons are having trouble locking onto us.

CAPT. TAYLOR: You're throwing up a smoke screen?

CMDR. BRANSON: Their scanners are blind Kara on my mark take a straight shot upward and I mean hard.

ENS. CARLSON: Aye, sir.

CMDR. BRANSON: Lieutenant lock aft torpedoes onto the D-6 full spread.

Lieutenant Mason turns to Captain Taylor who nods at him and he chimes in.

LTJG. MASON: Aye, sir.

Lieutenant Mason loads the photon torpedoes into the aft launcher.


Klingon cruiser fires at the Enterprise but misses.


LTCDMR. T'LAR: There's thermal damage to the outer hull!


Ensign Carlson inputs commands into the helm.


The Enterprise banks up hard with the D-6 cruiser following them.


Carlson runs her fingers across the helm station, as the ship banks up hard.


Lieutenant Mason presses the fire button.


A close up of the aft weapons port as it unleashes a volley of photons, the blue energy balls spread out and score a deadly blow on the D-6 cruiser blowing it up into a thousand pieces.


Shaking subsides.

LTCMDR. T'LAR: Thermal tempatures are returning to normal.

CAPT. TAYLOR (Sighs): Stand down from Red Alert, all hands submit damage reports to first officer.

Lights brighten up Captain Taylor gets up from the Captain's chair.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Good work John not a bad first day on the job as the ship's first officer.

CMDR. BRANSON: No ma'am and thank you Marcia.

She pats his shoulder and walks over to the Captain's chair.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Lieutenant inform Starfleet Command that we've engaged a Klingon D-6 battle cruiser, and we defeated it but we've taken some damage.

LTJG. SMITH (Nods): Aye, Captain.

Lieutenant Smith sends the transmission to Starfleet.


The Enterprise is in orbit of Archanis IV and has a few scars on its hull from the fight with the Klingon D-6, as repair drones are repairing the damage.


Five crewmen are laying on the bio-beds and being treated from the battle against the Klingon D-6, as Captain Taylor enters and walks over to Doctor Carlson.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Report Doctor?

DR. CARLSON (Sighs): 14 crewmen are wounded five critical so far no fatalities we were lucky if it wasn't for Commander Branson's quick thinking we wouldn't be here having this chat.

CAPT. TAYLOR: That's true Steven just keep me posted on this.

DR. CARLSON (Nods): Aye, Captain.

She leaves Sickbay as more wounded enters.


The Enterprise is in orbit of Archanis IV awaiting for back up and repairing the damage it sustained.


Lieutenant Commander Williams and a engineering team are working on restoring the defense systems.

LTCMDR. WILLIAMS: Hand that hypospanner.

LT. PAYNE (Nods): Aye, Chief.

He hands her the spanner and they're working on the defense systems when Captain Taylor enters.


LTCMDR. WILLIAMS (Sighs): I'm trying to feed the inner grid by stealing some power from the structural integrity field, you should have partial shielding in thirty minutes.

CAPT. TAYLOR: What about warp?

She turns to Lieutenant Payne.

LT. PAYNE: It should be back on-line in a few hours.

LTCMDR. WILLIAMS: There you go Captain but if it wasn't for the Commander we wouldn't be here.

CAPT. TAYLOR (Smiles): He did save the ship and I made a great choice.

Then the com activates.

CMDR. BRANSON (Com Voice): Captain Taylor report to the bridge.

She leaves Main Engineering.


A squadron of Klingon warships emerge from warp one at a time in front of the Enterprise.


The klaxon blares as the crew are heading to their battle stations as Captain Taylor enters.


Branson turns to her.

CMDR. BRANSON: A squadron of Klingon D-6 warships just dropped out of warp.

LTJG. MASON: And their disruptors are hot and on standby!

The camera pushes in on Captain Taylor who is worried.


Act FiveEdit


The Enterprise is nose to nose with a squadron of Klingon D-6 battle cruisers.


The crew are at their battle stations as Lieutenant Mason turns to Captain Taylor.

LTJG. MASON: Shields are at thirty-four percent, torpedo launchers are fully loaded and phaser banks are fully powered and on hot standby.

Captain Taylor turns to Lieutenant Smith.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Julia any response to our hails?

Lieutenant Smith checks her console and turns to Captain Taylor.

LTJG. SMITH: No response to our hails Captain.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Open a channel all frequencies.

Lieutenant Smith inputs commands into the communications console.

LTJG. SMITH: Channel opened.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Klingon vessels this is Marcia Taylor Captain of the Federation Starship USS Enterprise.

The transparent viewer changes to the bridge of the Klingon warship.

KLINGON COMMANDER (Viewer): Enterprise, your presence here is a violation of Klingon space you will leave immediately!

Taylor turns to Branson then back at the viewer.

CAPT. TAYLOR: We are not familiar with the terms of your claim on this sector we're here engaged in a rescue operation after the unprovoked attack on one of our colonies are you responsible!

KLINGON COMMANDER (Viewer): We have monitored the destruction of our sister ship by you.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Your sister ship opened fire on us first we had a right to defend ourselves.

KLINGON COMMANDER (Viewer): Captain Taylor, your ships are now the property of the Klingon Empire. Stand down or be destroyed!

Channel closed.

CAPT. TAYLOR (Tensed up): Get me Starfleet Command.

LTJG. SMITH: Aye, Captain.


The Enterprise is nose to nose with a squadron of Klingon D-6 battle cruisers.


Captain Taylor is chatting with her father.

VICE ADM. TAYLOR (Holographic form): The Constitution and her battlegroup will be there in a few hours Marcia.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Dad by the time Captain Kaminski gets here she'll be searching for survivors.

VICE ADM. TAYLOR (Holographic form): Its the best estimate I can give you kiddo, what's the situation over there?

CAPT. TAYLOR (Sighs): For not the situation is stable but it may not last long.

Admiral Taylor folds his arms.

VICE ADM. TAYLOR (Holographic form): I'll see if Captain Kaminski can't light a fire under her chief engineer's ass to get to you.

CAPT. TAYLOR (Smiles): I hope that they can get here in time before we're destroyed.

VICE ADM. TAYLOR (Holographic form): I' know you will Marcia, and I'll see you when you get to the Starbase Taylor out.

Transmission ends as Captain Taylor leans back in her chair thinking and looks at the wedding picture of her and her husband James.


Commander Branson is sitting in the Captain's chair while Captain Taylor is in her ready room briefing Starfleet Command on the Klingon issue, when the ship vibrates a bit.

CMDR. BRANSON: What the hell was that?

LTJG. MASON: It was a photon torpedo from the lead Klingon vessel.

LTCMDR. T'LAR: That one missed the port nacelle by a few meters.

Commander Branson turns to Lieutenant Mason at tactical.

CMDR. BRANSON: Lock phasers onto the lead Klingon cruiser and standby to fire on my command.

LTJG. MASON (Nods): Aye, sir.

Captain Taylor enters the bridge.


Commander Branson vacates the Captain's chair.

CMDR. BRANSON: The lead Klingon D-6 fired warning shots and they missed the port nacelle by a few meters, I ordered Jack to lock phasers onto the lead Klingon vessel but hold fire.

She sits in the command chair.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Smart Captain Kaminski and her battlegroup are on their way but it will be a few hours till they get here.

Then sensors beep rapidly.

LTCMDR. T'LAR: Sensors are picking up something heading our way.

Ensign Carlson chimes in.

ENS. CARLSON: Great more Klingons!

T'Lar checks her sensors.

LTCMDR. T'LAR: No its Starfleet.

Taylor and Branson turn to the viewer.


The U.S.S. Constitution NCC-1700 and her battlegroup emerge from warp along side the Enterprise.


Captain Kaminski gets up from the center chair.

LT. RAWLING: Phasers are locked on and torpedoes are in the tube.

CAPT. KAMINSKI: Mister Lake hail the lead Klingon battle cruiser.

LTJG. LAKE (nods): Aye, Captain.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Lake inputs commands into the communications console.

CAPT. KAMINSKI (To com): Klingon force this is Captain Amelia Kaminski of the Federation Starship U.S.S. Constitution, you're badly outnumbered by our forces I suggest that you return to your side of the Federation-Klingon border before we send you to your afterlife.


The squadron of Klingon cruisers turn and leap into warp away from the system.


Lieutenant Commander T'Lar chimes in.

LTCMDR. T'LAR: The remaining Klingon vessels are falling back.

Taylor leans back in the center chair.

CAPT. TAYLOR (Sighs): Stand down from red alert, organize damage control teams John.

CMDR. BRANSON (Nods): On it Marcia.

Taylor turns to Lieutenant Smith.

CAPT. TAYLOR: Julia send my thanks to both Captain Miller and Captain Kaminski, and ask them if we can have a bit of help getting home for repairs.

LTJG. SMITH: Aye, Captain.


The Enterprise sits in a dry-dock berth getting repaired by the worker bees and robotic arms and repair workers in EV suits.

CAPT. TAYLOR (V.O): Captain's Log Stardate 5388.6, The Enterprise with much needed help from our sister ship the Constitution, has made it back to Earth for some much needed repairs. I've advised Starfleet of the situation at Archanis and they've sent a blockade there to keep the Klingons away for now.


Both John and Ann enter the transporter room.

TRANSPORTER CHIEF: Coordinates for Starfleet Headquarters are inputted now sir.

CMDR. BRANSON: Thanks Chief.

ANN: How long will this last?

CMDR. BRANSON: Don't know but they will ask alot of questions just be straight forward and everything will be alright.

Anne steps onto the transporter pad.

ANNE: Thanks for everything John and give Kyle time to heal.

JOHN (Nods): I will and you take care of yourself Anne, Chief energize.

The transporter chief activates the transporter and Ann beams to the surface, Commander Branson leaves the transporter room.

INT-Lieutenant Junior Grade Smith's quarters

Doors chimed.

JULIA: Enter.

Doors opened and Commander Branson enters.

JULIA: Commander.

John puts his hand up.

JOHN (Smiles): Its okay Julia I'm just passing by I need your help though, its the Andorian incident files.

JULIA: What about them?

JOHN: I can't access them.

He hands her the PADD and she examines the files.

JULIA: It looks like they're under a heavy encryption lock out level nine or higher, does the Captain know about this?

JOHN: No not really I can't tell her not yet not till I have proof that someone else did this.

JULIA: I will see what I can do but can't promise much.

JOHN (Smiles): Thanks Julia.

He leaves her quarters.


The Enterprise is docked receiving repairs.



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