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Sessen Had Made Many Enemies Since His Grudge against Voyager for the Killing his Mother and Siding with the Newly Rebuilt Vvaudwar Empire However 2700 when the Galaxy War Started When the Trabe Had Allied with the Knuckonians and the Voth and Most of the Kazon Sects where Destroyed Leaving Only the Nistrim and the Relora while Olga Allied with the Eagles Secret Allies, the Blood Dragons.

He allied with Sela and the Tal'shiar he Sent out to Attack Irathiant Fraighter Killing Junibell's Parents which Drove Junibell Killing his and the Tal'Shiar Boarding Parties he Refused Sela's Order not to Fire the Fraghter but When SSV Normandy Intervene he had no choice but to Withdraw . He Later Conduct a Raid on a Dragon Alliance Colony Killing the Colonist including Women and Children which gave General Esdeath's Attention and Recruited him . he accept and Started Raiding Colonies Belonging To Dragons , and Neutral and Soon Eagle Colonies . abducting Men , Women and Children to Deliver for Esdeath for here Torture Experiments and Her Garrison want new Playthings for their Sexual Reliefs and For Sport . Little Sessen Know the Dragons Send out the Wolfhounds to hunt him for his Head where they Tookout most of his Hideouts and Underground Bases He Later . Move to the Lion Alliance Borders . He was Ordered by his Mistress Esdeath to Hunt down a teenage Singer on Dyson City and Deliver her to Esdeath . That Singer was Infact Rozlyn Sangryn.

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