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This fight sure is heating up! And I don't mean that simply because we just witnessed a Cardassian get roasted in the fire pit!
2409 ("The Undying")

Senir Lubak was a male Cardassian who lived during the 25th century. He served aboard the Snap Dragon[1] until his death in 2409.[2] He often fought alongside his crewmates in the Shangdu nightclub's arena on Nimbus III.[1]

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On ca. stardate 83832.9, Lubak and the rest of the Snap Dragon crew fought in the Shangdu nightclub's indoor arena against officers of the USS Leviathan and IKS SuvwI', as well as Komodo, a bounty hunter. Lubak's first clash was with Kardok, when Kardok cut him with a knife. Lubak cursed at him, calling him "filth".[1]

Later in the match, Komodo managed to kill Lubak by knocking him into a fire pit in the arena. Lubak's brutal death appalled multiple members of the Leviathan's crew and enraged Fang, Lubak's captain.[2]

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  • His name is pronounced as se-NEER lu-BOK.

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