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Empress Sela was a female half-Romulan, half-Human and a high-ranking member of the Lion Alliance, along with Gul Dukat, General Esdeath, and Empress Leeta. She ruled over the Romulan Star Empire, and Section 31 reported directly to her.[1][2]

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Sela was one of the founding members of the Lion Alliance.[3]

At some point in the past, Sela's face was burned by Three as revenge for killing her son.[4] Three's attack left a noticeable scar on Sela's face.[5]

After the successful attack on Draco 1187 by Section 31 forces, Franklin Drake stated, "I will inform Empress Sela and Gul Dukat of our success. Soon, the other two alliances will fall, and we will restore order."[6]

On 30 December 2699, rebels attempted an assassination of Sela and the entire Lion Alliance Council, but they were foiled by Jem'Hadar and Universal soldiers. Sela gave a speech the next day, stating, "And to think... just because a bunch of rebels, including those so-called Japanese, think they own these planets, all the races in the empire suddenly feel they deserve independence." She also spoke of the Order of the Black Knights, which she called a terrorist organization.[7]

Sela had poor relationships with her fellow officers in the Lion Alliance, especially Esdeath, who wished to perform cruel and sadistic experiments on Sela and her people. Esdeath often insulted her, calling her "the empress of a weak and dying race", and indicating that their "weakness" was the true reason Romulus was destroyed. Sela mentioned to Franklin Drake that Dukat and Leeta, in addition to Esdeath, wanted her dead. She feared that if Drake and his operatives failed to hunt down Treav and the Mountain Goat, XZodd would send Esdeath to kill both of them.[8]

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