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The SS Azura was a Bolian cargo freighter commanded by Danna Brott until its destruction in 2409.

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On stardate 83179.9, the Azura was attacked by several Orion pirating vessels in an asteroid field a few light years from Earth. The USS Leviathan responded to the Azura's distress call, and was able to ward off the pirates. Unfortunately, she was boarded, and Orions began ransacking the ship, taking members of her crew hostage. An away team led by Lieutenant Jason Fredricks managed to make it to engineering, where Captain Brott was being held. After saving her from the Orions, Fredricks was informed by his chief engineer, Jhael Onika, that the Azura's warp core was about to breach. Brott stayed behind to try to delay the breach, while Fredricks got her crew and his away team off the ship. Fredricks and company were beamed off at the last minute, due to damage on the Leviathan, but Brott was lost when the Azura exploded.[1]

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