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The SD Devastator (NX-93119-I) was a Devastator-class prototype starship in service with Ravenwood Mercenaries in the early 26th century. Launched in 2590 under the command of Captain Blaze Proton, it was the tenth starship to bear the name Devastator, and the first Devastator-class starship.

History Edit

Construction and launch Edit

The Devastator was launched on 10 March 2590 and was at the time the most "weird" advanced ship in service for Ravenwood Mercenaries due to its design using architecture from the Xeno race's starships and their Ark Station, She was launched from the Ark's Shipyard and sent into battle immediately after.

Fleet Admiral Blaze Proton, aka Master Proton, of The Alliance assumed Command of the vessel just before completion of her as he designed her, Though he was her Captain, Temporary Command was given to Juliana Pike The Devastator was still in service as of 2595 when she embarked on a journey away from Ravenwood Space.

In service Edit

After a five-year long service with Ravenwood Fleet. Admiral Proton decided it was time to move away from all the fighting, and thus ordered the ship to an unknown part of space, never to be seen again.

Technical information Edit

In her Last known configuration, The S.D Devastator (I) was 1,000 Meters long, 60 Meters in height and had 50 decks with a crew complement total of 14 (capable of 5,000 but there was only a number of 14 crew at all times), The ship had Warp speed factor of Warp 9.9 but the ship's Warp Engines were a sub-form of Propulsion, The Primary being an unknown type of propulsion that uses travel through subspace from point to point similar to that of an Iconian Gateway, Engineers for Ravenwood Mercenaries described it as a form of a subspace vortex similar to the design of the ones the Xindi used but more advanced and more controlled

Armaments and defenses Edit

  • 900 Proton Beams
  • 6 Torpedo tubes Loaded with Enhanced Transphasic Torpedoes equipped with 6 Warheads per torpedo.

The known defenses were reversed from Xeno Engineered Shielding with enhanced Iconian Shields for Secondary a reversed Engineered Targeting system designed by Proton using designed from Xeno starships.

Engineers quoted the ship as being "a predator with a billion teeth."

Personnel Edit

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