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S'lade Zdanas was a Reman officer who served aboard the IKS SuvwI' in 2409. Because the Romulan Republic had allied with the Klingon Empire, S'lade was permitted to serve aboard a Klingon vessel if he chose to.[1]

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On stardate 83738.2, the IKS Baj ambushed the USS Kirk, and the Baj's captain, Targan, took Miral Paris captive. The SuvwI' and a support vessel came to the Kirk's aid, offering to help them with repairs. Captain Kardok invited the USS Leviathan's away team on the Kirk a ride on the SuvwI' while the Leviathan was busy with the Baj.

Once aboard the SuvwI', Kardok and Dylyp Azeli went to Kardok's ready room to speak privately, while S'lade led the rest of the away team to the mess hall.[2]

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  • He is the second member of the IKS SuvwI' crew to be introduced.
  • His name is pronounced as SLADE zh-DAN-us.

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