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If this isn't strong enough for you, I would suggest you try some Klingon bloodwine.
2409 ("Researcher Rescue")

Romulan ale was a very potent Romulan alcoholic beverage.

Crusoe kept a case of Romulan ale – vintage 2360 – aboard the USS Leviathan. He served some to Jason Fredricks when Jason asked for something "really strong".[1]

Tala Jones assumed Remus Wells' favorite alcoholic beverage to be Romulan ale, but he told her that he did not even like the beverage.[2]

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  1. Star Trek: Federation Legacy – "Researcher Rescue" (Act II), Jason requests a strong beverage.
  2. Star Trek: Federation Legacy – "Stop the Signal" (Teaser), Remus Wells reveals that he hates Romulan ale.

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