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The Romulans were a founding member species of the Lion Alliance, along with the Vaadwaur.

Not all Romulans were affiliated with the imperial government; some joined the Eagle Alliance as part of the Romulan Republic instead.[1] The Republic took part in the Battle of the First Blood alongside their allies in the Eagle Alliance.[2]

The Romulan Star Empire was ruled by Empress Sela, who constantly feared that she would be overthrown and killed by Esdeath, T'Ket, the Romulan Republic, or any of her other enemies.[3]

Some groups of Vulcans and Romulans wished to reunite their races as one, but these movements faced much criticism.[4]

Romulans were among the many species that made up the diverse crew of the USS Iroquois,[5] and later, the USS Arrowhead.[6] Both vessels were commanded by Howlingmoon.

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