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Rhiana Valkyrie was a female half-Romulan, half-Human[1] who lived during the 25th century. She served in the Romulan Republic[2] as commanding officer of the RRW Decius[1] and held the rank of commander as of 2409.

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Rhiana was a very carefree young girl. She sometimes appeared to be absent minded, but she had a natural wit and awareness about her.[2]

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Rhiana was born to a Human father and a Romulan mother.[1]

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In October of 2409, Rhiana and her crew were on Nimbus III looking for a substation in a Gorn-controlled canyon. While the others were discussing the mission, Rhiana wandered ahead, seemingly oblivious to the potential danger around her. Sora, one of her officers, killed one Gorn that attempted to harm her. Rhiana took down a second Gorn, first by stabbing him in the leg and then by shooting him.[2]

Her ship, the RRW Decius, later took part in a battle with Hassan the Undying's dreadnought in the Nimbus system.[3] Another of her officers, Lieutenant Lenel, informed the crew of the USS Leviathan that his captain wished to speak to them about an important matter.

Rhiana, Tovan Khev, and Sora transported to the Leviathan to discuss an imminent threat – a Tal Shiar presence on the surface of Nimbus III. The crew of the Leviathan, as well as certain members of the IKS SuvwI' crew, agreed to investigate a hidden Tal Shiar base on the planet. Rhiana cried out in excitement at the prospect of uncovering the Tal Shiar's intentions.[1]

Rhiana and her officers met the away teams from the Leviathan and SuvwI' at the entrance to the Tal Shiar facility, located below one of the satellites on the planet's surface. Prior to the other teams' arrival, Rhiana's set up a jamming device to shut down the base's external security, forcing some Tal Shiar officers to come to the surface and investigate.

After taking care of the Tal Shiar who came out, Rhiana and Lucas Wells got separated from the others when the door closed behind them, where they discovered two elevators leading down to the base's lower levels. Another Tal Shiar officer exited one of the elevators before they could hide, and they tried to subdue him. This led to a chaotic up and down ride where they nearly got shot by a group of Tal Shiar at the bottom, though Rhiana managed to slash one of them with her knife. They finally subdued the officer with them, however, and they emerged from the elevator ready to use him as a hostage. They did not end up having to, because the rest of the away team groups finally arrived and had taken out the Tal Shiar officers.

The officer they had captured then tried to make a break for it, and in the process shoved Rhiana towards the platform's edge, where a deadly drop awaited her. She was saved when Lucas grabbed her by the waist and pulled her backwards. While she was very grateful to him for saving her, Tovan and Sora were less enthused that a Starfleet officer had dared to touch their captain. Sora then threatened Lucas, which brought Rhiana to tears.[4]

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Tovan Khev Edit

Tovan was very protective of Rhiana, much like an older brother. He considered her to be much too oblivious and happy-go-lucky for her own good. When he wasn't able to directly keep tabs on her, he made sure that somebody else was. He would also worry if she wandered too far off, especially in a dangerous environment.[2]

Tovan also warned Rhiana not to reveal overly sensitive personal information to people she was not well acquainted with.[1]

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Sora was also very protective of her captain. As a sniper, she kept tabs on Rhiana while Tovan was unable to, and she even potentially saved her life from a Gorn attacker. Sora believed Rhiana to have the "devil's luck".[2] She later threatened members of the USS Leviathan's crew with death if they so much as touched Rhiana.[1]

Sora was infuriated when Lucas Wells grabbed Rhiana around the waist (even though it was to save her life) when Rhiana was pushed toward the edge of a rail-less platform in Installation 18. She even raised her weapon to him, shouting for her to move away from him. This caused Rhiana great distress, bringing her to tears.[4]

When Rhiana decided to accompany Tala Jones back to Installation 18's lower levels to rescue Lucas, Sora expressed hesitation to let her go without her. Rhiana replied that she wouldn't deserve to be a captain anymore if she abandoned comrades.[5]

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Lucas Wells Edit

Rhiana quickly took to Lucas, sitting next to him at the conference table and asking him multiple personal questions. He also found her quite attractive, and he thought her giddy reaction to their crews teaming up against the Tal Shiar was very cute.[1]

Their relationship developed further when they were in the Tal Shiar base down on Nimbus III. The two of them fought and subdued a Tal Shiar officer together, and Lucas saved her from falling by grabbing her around her waist and falling backwards with her on top of him, which caused her to blush.[4]

Despite objections by her officers, Rhiana continued to show affection and concern for Lucas, volunteering to help save him from an Elachi. Upon reaching Lucas and S'lade Zdanas (who he was with), Rhiana hugged Lucas and told him that the thought of not seeing him again had scared her. When he kissed her on the forehead to reassure her that everything was okay, she returned his gesture with a kiss on the lips. The two of them then held hands until they returned to the surface. With the two of them returning to their respective vessels, the future of their relationship remained uncertain.[5]

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  • Rhiana was created in 2013 as one of CaptFredricks' characters in Star Trek Online. He didn't have a particular inspiration for her given name, other than that he felt it sounded like a good Romulan name. Her surname is from her Human side, and it was chosen because it sounded good paired with Rhiana.
  • Rhiana is spelled similarly to pop singer Rihanna's name and is pronounced the same way.
  • Her surname, Valkyrie, comes from Norse mythology. The valkyrie would choose who would live and who would die in battle. The valkyries were all female.

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