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"Researcher Rescue" is the seventh chapter of the first volume of Star Trek: Federation Legacy, written between November and December 2013 and published on 8 December 2013. It is authored by CaptFredricks.

The USS Leviathan gains two new crew members – one, an old friend of Jason Fredricks – the other, his former lover who now has a strong distaste for him.

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The USS Leviathan is docked at Starbase 24, receiving a contingent of new officers. Jason Fredricks, Tala Jones, and Lucas Wells go to the transporter room to greet some of the new officers. On the way, Lucas asks Tala what she thinks the new officers will be like. When she gives him an unsatisfactory answer, he replies that he doesn't think he'll like the new officers. Jason and Lucas briefly argue about the events in the Bomari system, where Lucas killed an Undine infiltrator. The argument is dropped fairly quickly, however, and they arrive at the transporter room. Jason tells the transporter chief to transport the first officers aboard. Two individuals materialize, and the sight of one of them sours Jason's mood – a female Trill named Lenerea Mendel.

Act I: Getting Acquainted Edit

Act II: Forgiveness Edit

Personal log, Jason Fredricks

Act III: Gorn Again Edit

Captain's log

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Starships Edit

  1. USS Leviathan (Teaser)

Referenced only Edit

  1. USS Montreal (Act I)

Locations Edit

  1. Starbase 24 (Teaser)
  2. Kassae system (Act I)
  3. Kassae IV (Act III)

Referenced only Edit

  1. Bomari system (Teaser)
  2. Earth (Act I)
  3. Science Lab 6
  4. Kassae II
  5. Starfleet Academy (Act II)
  6. Earth Spacedock (Act III)

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