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"Researcher Rescue" is the seventh chapter of the first volume of Star Trek: Federation Legacy, written between November and December 2013 and published on 8 December 2013 by CaptFredricks.

The USS Leviathan gains two new crew members – one, an old friend of Jason Fredricks – the other, his former lover who now has a strong distaste for him.

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"So, what's your specialty?"
"What was your major at the Academy – your career?"
"Ah, yes. I am proficient in ship operations and engineering systems. Yourself?"
"Well, I'm the flight controller. I was an astrometrics scientist before that."
"Quite impressive. I do believe that you are the first science officer I have met that would rather pilot a starship than study in a laboratory."

Ernie Hauser and Dylyp Azeli

"Wait, so I'm being replaced by this bloody Andorian? Hardly seems fair. I know this ship a hell of a lot better than he does."
"The captain is considering you for the position of transporter chief. You'll be the overseer of all transporter rooms, as well as the cargo bays."
"Well, in that case, tell him, 'Thank you'."
"You're welcome."

Charlie Morgan, Tala Jones and Jason Fredricks

"Tala, Dylyp, Ernie, you'll join me on the away team."
"Captain, Starfleet regulations clearly state that a commanding officer shall not lead an away mission into a presumably dangerous situation. In the event that something were to happen to him—"
"Dylyp... I know the regulations."
"But yet you choose to disobey them? Most... illogical."

Jason Fredricks and Dylyp Azeli

"Hello, captain. Would you like the usual?"
"No, not today. I need something strong, really strong."
"Well... I do have a case of Romulan Ale, vintage 2360."
"That outta do it."
"If this isn't strong enough for you, I would suggest you try some Klingon bloodwine."

Crusoe and Jason Fredricks

"Please... don't hurt us!"
"Don't worry, we ssstill have use for you. You will make fine ssslaves aboard our ssstarshipsss."
"You're not going anywhere."
"And who will ssstop usss? One puny Ssstarfleet officer?"
"How about a group of Starfleet officers?"

— A scientist, a Gorn and Tala Jones

"Captain... I must protest..."
"You got your way last time, Dylyp. I'm the captain, and I am going on this away mission, no questions asked."

Dylyp Azeli and Jason Fredricks

"You have the bridge, Mr. Hauser."
"Aye, captain."
"Why'd he put you in charge?"
"I don't know, but I'm not questioning his orders."

Jason Fredricks, Ernie Hauser and Lucas Wells

"Nice job." ... "What? Just congratulating Tala on her shooting skills."
"Oh, nothing. I just forgot you were here; you've been abnormally silent recently."
"Maybe I just didn't have anything worth saying."

Lucas Wells and Jason Fredricks

"Len, I hope there are no more hard feelings between us?"
"No, Jason, no hard feelings. Actually, I've been hoping for a while that we could mend things between us – I just never worked up the courage to contact you. I never imagined I would end up serving with you."
"That doesn't mean we are back together, though. I have my eye on somebody else."

Jason Fredricks and Lenerea Mendel

"What the blazes? How in the hell could she go for him? He's... he's..."
"He's your best friend."
"I know, but...what could she possibly see in him?"
"Maybe something she never saw in you."

Jason Fredricks and Tala Jones

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