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Remus Wells was a male Human who lived during the 24th and 25th centuries. He served as commanding officer of the SS Rome and held the rank of captain as of 2409.

He was the uncle of Starfleet officer Lucas Wells and brother of Nicholas Wells.[1]

Biography Edit

Remus was the older brother of Nicholas Wells (Lucas Wells' father), who was best friends with Thomas Fredricks. He recalled that "every time [he] would visit home, Tom and Nick would be hanging out."[a]

By stardate 83209.6 (2409), Remus was captain of a civilian freighter named the SS Rome.

Upon hearing Remus' name, Tala Jones asked if he was named after the the planet. Lucas indicated that he was more likely named for the historical figure.[2]

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Lucas Wells

Remus Wells (originally Lucas Wells)

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  1. Remus knew much about Jason Fredricks from what his nephew, Lucas, had told him, but the two had never met before 2409.

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