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Obisek, a male Reman.

The Remans were a species that had long been subjugated by "narrow-minded individuals" within the Romulan Star Empire. In 2409, the Romulan Republic had begun reaching out to the Remans, hoping that the two races could rebuild from the ashes of their decimated homeworlds. According to Romulan Subcommander Kaol, the Romulans and Remans were "relations," and they should share in the same inheritance of the "new era for the Romulan people."[1]

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Six weeks prior to stardate 56950.3, a Reman warbird, the Scimitar, battled against the USS Enterprise-E in the Bassen Rift. It was commanded by Romulan Praetor Shinzon.[2]

By 2409, there was a resistance movement among the Reman people. On stardate 83832.9, a small convoy of Reman vessels obtained a cache of thalaron weapon triggers from Hassan the Undying on Nimbus III. Their intentions with the technology were unknown.[3]

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