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Raltha Trebor was a male Caitian Starfleet cadet who attended Starfleet Academy and graduated with the Class of 2408 on stardate 82513.9.[1][a]

Biography Edit

Starfleet Academy Edit

Two weeks before graduation, Raltha enjoyed some leisure time at Club 602 with fellow classmates Sofia Wenner and Elisa Flores. Their enjoyment was sullied by Daniel Harvey, who began harassing Sofia, but Elisa soon dealt with him by punching him in the face.[2]

On stardate 82513.9, he attended the Class of 2408 graduation on the Starfleet Academy grounds in San Francisco. He jumped up a bit excitedly from his seat to walk to the podium when his name was called.[1]

In an alternate timeline, Raltha was a Human named Jeffery Davis. He also graduated with the Class of 2408.[3][b]

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Personality Edit

Raltha had a bit of a bubbly personality. He also seemed to enjoy at least some of his studies, such as his class on interplanetary social economics.[2]

Appearance Edit

Raltha had a furry nose.[2]

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Classmates Edit

Raltha was a friend of Sofia Wenner and Elisa Flores. The three of them spent some downtime at Club 602 while they were at Starfleet Academy.[2]

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  1. Where Raltha was assigned following graduation has not been specified, but it is possible that he went to the USS Khitomer.
  2. In the original draft of "Khitomer Crisis", the graduation takes place in 2409.
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