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The Hybrid timeline covers all events in Star Trek: The Second Little Wolf. It is considered to be an alternate timeline, meaning any events occurring in it do not affect the prime universe.


The devastating Iconian War is fought, leading to the destruction of the Iconians and defeat of Species 8472. The surviving factions form the Eagle, Dragon, and Lion Alliances.[1]
The Federation makes first contact with the Knuckonian Empire, and a tentative truce is made among various galactic powers, resulting in the three major alliances – Eagle, Dragon, and Lion – being formed.[2]
A rogue Federation starship attacks the Dragon Alliance colony planet Draco 1187, killing eight billion inhabitants. Lord Drakontos assembles his Council to decide whether to investigate the attack or go to war. The Council decides on the latter, and for nearly four years, the Dragon forces prepare for their attack.[3]


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