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Alternate timelines cover all events that do not take place in one of the main timelines. That said, they have no effect on the prime universe.

Events Edit

23rd century Edit

Stardate 2259.41 (29 May 2259
James T. Kirk, Spock, and Leonard McCoy find themselves stranded in an alternate reality where Earth has fallen under the control of a tyrant named X.[1]
Stardate unknown (2259
X's former right hand man, Kardok, hires an assassin to hunt down Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.[2]

24th century Edit

Stardate 33108.3 (25 July 2354
The USS Stargazer is accused of violating the Khitomer Accords,[3] but it also gains several new crew members.[4]
Stardate 33165.0 (17 August 2354
Big Jack is depressed because he feels underappreciated by the rest of the crew.[5]
Stardate 33264.9 (26 September 2354
Big Jack is reassigned to the Stargazer's armory.[6]
Stardate 57189.4 (15 October 2380
The crew of the USS Enterprise-E attempts to uncover a secret plot to undermine the Federation, but a rogue Klingon vessel thwarts their investigation.[7]
Stardate 57823.6 (24 June 2381
The Enterprise hotly pursues the IKS Pak'tu, the Klingon vessel that had previously attacked it.[8]

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