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Pim Dalel was a Bajoran Starfleet officer serving aboard the USS Khitomer in 2409 as its transporter chief.

On stardate 83164.0, the Khitomer was attacked by Borg vessels while in the Vega system. An away team from the USS Leviathan came aboard to assist the Khitomer's crew in driving off the Borg, and after having assisted Commander Davis in retaking engineering, the team reported to Pim, who transported them back to the Leviathan along with an extra crewman, Tala Jones.[1]

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  • Pim is a Star Trek Online character that originally appeared in the tutorial mission of the Federation storyline. When the tutorial was revamped in Season Eight: The Sphere, his character was removed from the game. Afterward, when CaptFredricks rewrote "Khitomer Crisis", he did not keep him in the story.
    • Pim first appeared in the original draft of "Khitomer Crisis", which was written in ca. December 2012. The chapter was rewritten on 2 January 2014, and Pim was one of several characters left out.
  • Like other Bajorans, his last name is spoken first, so reversed his name is actually Dalel Pim.

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