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Phillip Buford Schrader was a male Human who served in Starfleet during the 2400s as an engineer's assistant and later chief engineer of the USS Leviathan. He held the rank of ensign[1] until his death in 2409.

He was prone to emotional instability, which eventually led to him taking his own life.

Biography Edit

Phil was part of the engineering team that assisted in the refit of the USS Leviathan in 2407. He was subsequently assigned to the vessel as one of its engineers.[a]

Phil inherited the position of chief engineer after the death of Jhael Onika in 2409.[2]

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Family Edit

In his final personal log, he remarked that he "could never be the son [his mother] wanted [him] to be," indicating that his family life was less than pleasant. He hoped that by his death, his mother would be able to forgive him.[3][b]

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  1. Nothing is known about Phil's life before entering Starfleet. He likely entered Starfleet Academy in 2403, and graduated in 2407.
  2. Nothing else has been revealed about Phil's family outside of this brief scene.

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