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Personnel Files is a fan fiction side story by CaptFredricks meant to accompany Star Trek: Federation Legacy. The first "file" was published on the wiki on 12 June 2015. Personnel Files is currently ongoing, with three "files" posted to date.

Personnel Files is unique in two ways. First, it is the very first side story created by CaptFredricks; second, it is being published on the wiki via blog posts rather than on FanFiction.


# Title Featured Character Published
1 Personnel Files (No. 1) Jason Fredricks 12 June 2015
2 Personnel Files (No. 2) Lucas Wells 24 September 2015
3 Personnel Files (No. 3) Tala Jones 30 September 2017
4 Personnel Files (No. 4) Dylyp Azeli 2017
5 Personnel Files (No. 5) Ernie Hauser 2017


Background and trivia

  • CaptFredricks first devised the story to help the reader get to know the characters of Star Trek: Federation Legacy better. Each personnel file will have basic character information with a short description of the character given by Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn or someone else linked to the featured character.
  • Personnel Files (No. 1) was published the day after the two-year anniversary of Federation Legacy (it was intended to be on the day of the anniversary).