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The personal log of Jason Fredricks.

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"Personal log, Jason Fredricks, stardate 83224.1. Tala, Dylyp, Ernie, and Vance have transported over to the science station. Meanwhile, Lucas has tried to get me and Lenerea to settle our differences, but I find being in the same room with her to be... difficult."[1]
"Jason Fredricks, personal log, stardate 83292.9. Despite my shortcomings, the crew still has faith in me, and they have proven themselves time and time again. I can only say that they are no less than the finest men and women with whom I could serve. Now it's up to me to make the hard choice – to deal with my fears, and to drop them by the wayside. I'm a Starfleet officer – I was born and bred for this. I've trained for this moment most of my life. It won't be easy, but I think I can finally say – with confidence – I know what I have to do."[2]

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