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Perry was a male Human who lived during the 24th century. He served in Starfleet and was stationed at Earth along with Admiral Johnson. He held the rank of admiral.

After the USS Enterprise-E's crew discovered a rogue Klingon vessel working for the secret society believed to be intending harm toward the Federation, Perry informed Captain Jean-Luc Picard that Starfleet had agents attempting to uncover the Klingon crew's identities.[1] On stardate 57823.6, X contacted Perry directly, stating "the time has come." Perry responded, calling him "my lord."[2]

In an alternate version of the Kelvin timeline, Perry also served as an admiral in Starfleet in 2259. In this timeline, he did not appear to be working for X.[3][a]

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  • Perry was first created in CaptFredricks' original enactment of "Lego Star Trek". He was not reused for Star Trek: Final Voyages.
  • Perry is briefly mentioned in the first chapter of Star Trek Out of Reality, "X". The reference was meant as a callback to Lego Star Trek.
    • Even though Star Trek Out of Reality takes place over a century before Lego Star Trek, several characters (including Kardok and X) were reused. Continuity wise, this creates problems, but CaptFredricks' reason behind doing this is simple: he originally wanted to make a live-action film version of Lego Star Trek, but for various reasons, he decided to set it in the Kelvin timeline rather than the prime TNG era.

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  1. Since Spock is not known for bald-faced lying, it can be assumed that Perry was an actual Starfleet admiral. Tommy Angelo, however, had no knowledge of him.

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