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Paradise City was a settlement on the desert world Nimbus III, and served as the "self-proclaimed" capital of the remote planet. The poverty rate in the town was quite high, and it was often plagued by sandstorms and Orion Syndicate raids. The "main attraction" of Paradise City was a bar, owned by Two of Eight, which stood roughly in the middle of town.

On stardate 83832.9, Klingon officers from the IKS SuvwI' briefly visited the town, looking for the Syndicate boss named Hassan the Undying. Later, Starfleet officers from the USS Leviathan also entered the town, searching for dangerous thalaron technology. While there, they transported supplies and security personnel to assist the townsfolk.

A Romulan peacekeeper named Law had protected the town for quite some time, but he requested asylum with either the Klingon Empire or Federation when their away teams arrived, feeling he had outlived his usefulness there.[1]

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