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The PADD[1] was a device used for storing and viewing data. A PADD could be hacked into if its security firewall was not sufficiently secure.[2]


On 12 July 2380 (56950.3), Jean-Luc Picard and Martin Madden were having dinner in Picard's quarters on the USS Enterprise-E. After the meal, Madden handed Picard a PADD containing names of potential senior officer candidates to fill vacant positions in the bridge crew.[3]

In an alternate timeline, on 15 October (57189.4), Captain Jean-Luc Picard was looking at duty officer rosters using a PADD.[1]

Jason Fredricks was reading from a PADD on 10 February 2409 (83195.9) before Hannah Freeman came to him, asking for a reassignment. After granting her request, he continued reading. It is unclear what was stored on the PADD.[4]

Two PADDs were used by officers of the USS Leviathan on 25 February (83234.7). Jason Fredricks picked up one with a duty roster on it while revealing his issue with Lenerea Mendel serving aboard his ship, and later Tala Jones brought him one – with a new roster – while he was sitting on the bridge.[5]

On 21 March (83295.3), Dylyp attempted to hand a PADD to Commander Jarek Davis that contained duty officer assignments. Davis, not having asked to see the assignments, declined to look at them.[6]

Jason Fredricks later took one with him to Nimbus III for information gathering on thalaron weapon triggers. The PADD contained at least one diagram of the triggers, which Jason showed to Horace Jones, Two of Eight,[7] and Law.[8]



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