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Hassan, a male Orion.

Marta, a female Orion.

The Orions were a humanoid species allied with the Klingon Empire.[citation needed]


While Orions often were born with green-pigmented skin, some had fairer, Human-like pink pigmentation instead. These Orions were known as "Ruddies" and were seen as a subrace. Female Ruddy Orions lacked the pheromones that female green Orions could produce, preventing them from being able to seduce men or other women. Even having one Ruddy parent seemed enough to prevent a female from inheriting the pheromones.

Mixed-race Orions, derogatorily referred to as "half-breeds", were generally scorned by other Orions.[1]


On stardate 83180.5, Orion pirates attacked a Bolian freighter named the SS Azura. The USS Leviathan later responded to a distress call sent from the Azura and confronted the Orions. The Leviathan prevailed and managed to rescue most of the crew of the Azura despite somewhat fierce resistance.[2]


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