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2409 ("The Lost City of Paradise")

Obisek was a male Reman who served as a member of the Reman Resistance in 2409.[1]

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Obisek seemed a noble, duty-driven man. Despite the fact that Tala Jones gave the order to fire upon the Reman vessel carrying thalaron technology, Obisek did not lose his temper or call for retribution. He did, however, warn her beforehand that he would defend his men against any foreseen threats.[1]

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On stardate 83832.9, Obisek led a convoy of Reman ships entered the Nimbus system to assist one of their own in escaping the system with a cache of thalaron weapon triggers. He stalled for time with the USS Leviathan, which had been in hot pursuit of the thalaron tech, allowing the other vessel time to repair damage and engage their singularity drive.[1]

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