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  Number one was a nickname given to several first officers of the USS Enterprise-E by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and later by Captain Masc Taggart on the USS Leviathan.

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Captain Masc Taggart referred to both Commander Henry Fuller and Ensign Jason Fredricks as "number one," indicating that it was "something [he] picked up from [his] former commanding officer." He used the title for Fuller as the USS Leviathan was on its way to help the SS Break Even, and for Jason after being captured by the Klingons and hearing of Fuller's death. His final words to Jason were of him entrusting the Leviathan to Jason's command.[1]

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In an alternate timeline, Jean-Luc Picard inadvertently began calling John Benson "number one" after he took over for Riker as first officer on the USS Enterprise-E. Benson said he did not mind the nickname, and Picard told him he would likely be called by it "many times in the future."[2]

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In another alternate timeline, Captain Picard used the term in reference to Commander Riker on several occasions. He also called him "number zero" at least once, because Riker "never seem[ed] to have anything helpful to contribute to conversation."[3]

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